PS plus January 2022 Free games forecasts and leaks

The free PlayStation Plus January 2022 games will be revealed at the end of December and Sony is expected to start the year with a bang. 2021 was a great year for the service, and we can see that Sony tries to continue this momentum until 2022. As in recent months, we will probably learn a leak a few days before the announcement from the list.

Unless Nothing changes, 2022 will continue the trend with a new PS5 game, along with two PS4 games that can enjoy subscribers. As the year in relation to the publications begins quite quiet, it seems that Sony will draw for the free PS5 game of the month for PlayStation Plus from its back catalog.

Which games will it probably work? Here we will address when the free PS plus games for January 2022 are announced, all leaks that appear, and the predictions for PS plus for January 2022.

PS Plus January 2022 Free Games

The Free PlayStation Plus games for January 2022 have not yet been announced by Sony. The establishment of the games will be announced on 29.12.2021.

All three games are then provided on January 4, 2022.

PS Plus prediction for January 2022

Although the free PS plus games for January 2022 have not yet been announced, we have predicted some predictions that could be contained.

The play (PS5, PS4)

As a New Year’s gift, we suspect that Sony will offer with The Pales an excellent and liberating open-world adventure in which you play as a hunter, which runs freely and faster, when he shoots with his bow on marked talisman.

In combat with free the land of a power that corrupts great beasts and the environment, the game is a beautiful story and has some great PS5 danseuse features. Oh, and we think Sony could sweeten the deal and also offer the PS4 version of the game.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered (PS4)

Since Rebellion is currently working closest to Sniper Elite game, a look at the title that has made the series famous has a good decision.

The game was reassigned for PS4 and offers all the functions of the original, improved resolution and frame rate as well as all DLC missions. Although it shows its age in some places, it is still a great sniper simulator in which you can sink in the new year.

Streets of the rage 4 (PS4)

2022 For us, for us, a further year of aging means and what is there more beautiful than accepting this aging than to immerse yourself in a beat, em-up in retro style, which was developed for more consoles.

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Streets of Rage 4 conquered the players in his release in 2020 in the storm and was loved by the criticism thanks to his sharp gameplay and its smooth graphics. With its past in the core and modern upgrades of the series, you will certainly find a challenge in Streets of Rage 4 with its harsh road chews.

That covers everything we know about the PlayStation Plus games of January 2022. If you are looking for other PS5 games for the new year, look at our list of the best PS5 games.

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