Take Two wants to sue the IT Takes Two game for the name property Fear of Goty

News somewhat strange and complicated to digest. Take-TWO, recognized editor and business Sagas’ matrix as GTA or NBA 2K, has raised a Patent Claim Haze light, creators of IT Takes Two, by similarity in the name, as they comment in Euro gamer.

All this is having consequences of months, as indicated by the aforementioned medium. Apparently, Haze light, the team led by the charismatic Josef Fares, has already left the IT Takes Two brand since last March, as they ensure from the US Patent and Trademarks Office. The authors From Haze light do not value the situation because the dispute is ongoing, but they expect it to be solved satisfactorily.

Take Two has a long claim history by authorship by name, even to non-profit fan creations. In ROAMER they also remember that the publisher has immersed in legal problems by names related to Rock star, Social Club, Mafia, Civilization and more.

What will happen? Apparently, this does not mean that Haze light is going to have to change the name of the game; Take-TWO wants, mainly, make sure that the responsible study of IT Takes Two can not protect the brand.

The name of the video game It Takes Two has the whole meaning of the world. The translation would be something like two needed, and it is about a marriage that is in the process of divorce, but it must live and remember adventures for which they need each other, as well as cooperative nature of the game.

It Takes Two [07] PS5 100% Longplay (+ Platinum Trophy)

The fact is that it Takes Two is one of the candidate games to Got at the Gala The Game Awards and is starting to pick up enough prizes for its quality. In fact, the award has been taken to the game of the year for our 3D-game colleagues. Does this claim have something to see the media flip that has the adventure and Josef Fares itself? We will see what all this ends.

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