H96 receives HSV from the fight for Europe to the duel of little HSVs

On this Sunday, the Niedersächsisches state capital again comes to the once-great duel — only in the 2nd league. The table fifth Hamburger SV is guests at the third last, the Hanoverian Sports Association of 1896, short Hanover 96. The glorious times of the two clubs are long past. Earlier discussions who are the larger HSV, as well. Meanwhile, the term small HSV against small HSV is significantly better. Top names like once on February 23, 2013, in the lineup — Funding!

Review: It is the 23rd match day of the Bundesliga season 2012/13 — the sixth from Hamburg is the four points behind the tithes from Lower Saxony and travel back with a 1: 5 pack. 49,000 spectators are witnesses. Suddenly, this is also Hanover in the race for the international places again. Among the scorers dive names like Rafael van der Va art, Didier Ya Conan or Symbols Must. The only actor of the time of the time, which still — or in this case: again — plays in one of the two clubs, Ron-Robert would have been a goal. Currently, the 96-keeper is missing. The paths of the other former protagonists differ, most have finished their career. Located are still active, such as the ex-hamburger HEUG-MIN SON at Tottenham Hotspur, Made Drought (96) in Turkey at Hatayspor Antalya or Dennis Dietmar (HSV) in the 2nd Bundesliga at SV Tannhauser. Other, such as Marcel Jansen (as President of the Hamburger SV) or Szalbolcs Must (as a head coach of Decrement VSC in the Hungarian League) are working as officials. The ex-Hamburg Dennis Ago and René Adler work as a TV expert for Sky, Hanover striker Mohammed Abdellaoue as a social teacher. Others, for example ex-scorer Didier Ya Conan fly completely under the radar of the media.

They all have to watch this time, as in contrast to the past few holidays is now rather pressing. At least the HSV of the Elbe is in the upward trend and won his last two games against Regensburg and Ingolstadt. Overall, the harbor towns lost only once (league value) this season. Meanwhile, only the bottom of the table in Ingolstadt (once) gained even rarer than 96, the HSV of the leash (three times, most recently on the 7th match day in Kiel).

Van Buyten: „Der HSV-Abstieg war ein Stich ins Herz“
The old North Derby under changed signs — no matter how it goes out: the way to the good old times is still long as the other HSV.

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