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RSA Battle Residence Tower is a high-rise building located in Mobile, Alabama as well as is the tallest structure in Alabama. The building is owned by Alabama retirement systems (Retired life Systems of Alabama or RSA). It is the highest structure on the Gulf Coastline of the United States outside Houston. It replaces Wells Fargo Tower in Birmingham as Alabama’s tallest structure and also RSA-Banktrust Building as the greatest in Mobile. The AT & T City Facility in Birmingham is preserved as the biggest high-rise building on Alabama per surface area. The building gets its name from the neighbor Battle Residence Resort, which is currently part of the tower complicated. The Battle Home Resort was brought back and also restored as component of the Tower Job.

The Battle Tower was an integral part of many Pokémon main plays as endgame activity. Here, the best of the best their skills refine in much fighting against getting harder enemies and give the players a series of currencies that can bring you some of the best items in Pokémon. In the Battle Tower there is a Chef honcho, which leads the joint, who carries the title Tower Tycoon. So you fight the tycoon Palmer in DSP (Pokémon Bright Diamond and Luminous Pearl).

Who is Palmer?

Palmer is actually the father of her rival. It is regrettable that he is missing in her career as a young Pokémon trainer mostly. It also raises some unpleasant questions. Just like her rival, Palmer is a pretty clustered guy who meets her after he was so strange in a hurry.

Palmer is the Battle Tower Tycoon, comparable to the champion of the Elite Four or a Gym Leader in DSP. Palmer is by no means a breeze. When his son is an indicator, he will be the same, if not far more than her.

How to fight Palmer The Tower Tycoon in Bright Diamond and Glowing Pearl

In order to actually fight him, you need to achieve a 20- and 48 winning series in a single party in the Battle Tower. He will be the 21 . Challenger and 49..

To face him for the first time will be the simpler fight. Here is the team he has in the 21st fight, and their Move sets:

Dragon ite

Aqua tail
Iron tail
Stone edge


Stone breaker
Ice beam


Dragon pulse
Hydro pump

In the first match against Palmer, his team will be very prone to ice movements of the type of ice and thunder. But against his Hyperion, however, you have to go fast, because he is really tank and tough. It can endure a lot of heat, so try to reduce it before it goes through your team.

As far as his Dragon ite is concerned, he can easily sweep her team when he has priority when attacking. However, it may be the weakest in terms of durability. After all, his mitotic is more of a stall than anything else. It can use his healing skills and Salad Berry to give priority to him in restoring his health.

As for Palmer’s Rematch Team, he has the following:


Quiet mind
Saved energy


Crush handle
Ice munch
Stone edge
To protect

Heat ran

Earth power
Magma storm
Dark pulse
Lightning cannon

So this is a completely legal legendary Pokémon setup. It seems to be a bit unfair because their statistics are significantly higher than normal Pokemon. However, they have some simple weaknesses.

First, his Cecelia can be threatening if they do not work out quickly. Palmer has raised his mother to have unusually high speed statistics, so there is the possibility that it is the first one that attacks. His Cecelia has a mainly defensive Move set, but can really increase things by putting it with its healing and defensive skills. Physical attacks work slightly better as special attacks against this Cecelia

Next, his Shorigigas seems thanks to his. The easiest way to be Ability to slow start. His attack and speed are halved in the first five rounds while it’s outside, so you really need to use it to turn it off before they are over five laps. If not, this monstrosity can easily erase your team. What makes this a bit more painful, is the fact that it holds People berry. It will give its shelters additional resistance to its only weakness: combat movements.


His Heat ran is probably the weakest of all, but that does not mean that she can roll him over. You have to pay attention to his special attack damage. If you have a Mon, who is not equipped with a good SP. Defense value, you can really plug a bad hit.

If you defeat him for the first time, you should really consider raising Pokémon with outstanding IVs and EVS. The Pokemon after Round 21 have noticeably increased individual and effort values ​​, which makes them significantly better than other normal Pokemon.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and luminous pearl are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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