FC Bayern Robert Lewandowski is disappointed

Forager Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern reacted with disappointment on his defeat at the balloon d’Or.

Of course I’ve heard the result, I was sad somewhere, I do not want to deny that, he said the streaming platform Via play Lionel Messi Polska.

The Argentinian Lionel Messi had received the Golden Ball in the previous week in Paris for the seventh time, Bundesliga scorer’s king Lewandowski had to satisfy two despite his strong season at the prestige choice carried out by the French Fachzeitung France Football. That he was honored as the best scorer, was only a weak consolation for the Polish exceptional footballer.

Of course I respect Lionel Messi

Yes, of course, you have such a sense of unfortunate, if you are so close and competing with such a large and ingenious footballers like Messi, and right hear that you should have gained that. Of course, I respect Lionel Messi as he plays and what he has reached. Only the fact that I can compete with him, shows me in a way, at which level I am, and I’m very proud, said the 33-year-old striker. But honestly: I was sad. I’m glad we did not play a game during the week.

Messi had said after his honor on the stage at Lewandowski said: Everyone knows that you were the winner last year. I find France Football should give you the price for 2020 still. You deserve him and should have him at home Last year, the aim of the Golden Ball was a break because of the pandemic.

This is why Robert Lewandowski deserves the Ballon d'Or
Lewandowski told whether he has understood this only as a PR mesh or as honest: I would like that that was a sincere explanation of a large footballer and not just empty words.

However, he is not so fixed to actually get the price for 2020.

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