Xbox believes that Kinect was a key contribution for videogames and for his future

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In 2010, Kine ct arrived, the accessory for Xbox 360 that appeared in the middle of the movement control boom popularized by Nintendo Wii. Phil Spencer has granted an interview with Edge magazine where he has left us different headlines, such as the statements of him about Bungee, but surprisingly he has also spoken of Kine ct himself.

In the interview, collected by the NGC colleagues, the Xbox chief has claimed without sightings that Kine ct was one of the largest contributions to the video games. Obviously he does not refer to his success or perception, since he currently does not keep a good fame among the players, but he did have the company’s eyes on many aspects.

It helped us to open the eyes Phil Spencer Asked about the contributions of Xbox to the industry, Spencer has cited the device as the second key contribution he thinks he has the brand, since he thinks that he and his games have been Important for the Xbox strategy in the future, and also for your image as a company.

Was the control of movement the way everyone should play games? I would say that the answer is no, in my opinion, he begins. But when we started doing things like Kine ct Sports it served us to open the eyes and realize what Xbox could become.

Microsoft Admits Xbox One Kinect Shortcomings

Advanced advances are related to Kine ct Phil Spencer Phil Spencer also pointed out directly at how things we today have had a lot to do with the device itself: I look at the work regarding accessibility We have done, either with the Adaptive Controller or the software, and I think it is directly related to Kine ct. I do not speak of the device itself, but about what a platform can mean for a greater number of people. A path that we are still touring.

In the chat, the chief of Xbox has also talked about many other things, like the war of consoles, in which he claims not to lose a minute of his time. He believes that it is better that the industry grows more to take land to competition within the current cake, and are carrying out efforts for it with its commitment determined by elements such as cross-game or items saved between platforms.

Also, he has referred to Xbox Game Pass, wanting to make it clear that the company does not have all the looks on its subscription service, but there are many more things that surround the ecosystem that will be important. Be that as it may, this night will announce four games for Game Pass on PC during the celebration of the Game Awards 2021.

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