Monster Survey Horror Phasmophobia Curse Item Appears Update V0 5 0 Distribution Get information in exchangeness

The concern of ghosts in many human cultures is based upon beliefs that some ghosts may be malicious towards people and hazardous (within the variety of all feasible mindsets, consisting of mischievous, benign, detached, etc.). It is relevant to be afraid of the dark.
A relentless concern of ghosts is in some cases called homophobia, a kind of details anxiety. It acquires from the Greek words plasma indicating phantom as well as Phobos meaning anxiety. It is usually caused by experiences in very early youth and also triggers patients to experience panic strikes.

Kinetic Games has delivered update V0.5.0 for Homophobia for early access to Steam.

In this update, Cursed Possessions (Curse Items) appeared. An item of one curse from six to each location is selected and placed somewhere in multiple existing spawning points. Using these items, information can be obtained in exchange for the sense of worries, but it is necessary to use it planned because it also causes minus effects. Detailed performance of each item should be checked in the journal in the game.

In addition, the adjustment of ghost that is very difficult to be identified and adding a new ghost type that is a new ghost type that is the difficulty level added by the V0.4.0 update, and multiple bug fixes, etc. are also performed at the same time. Please check the full patch notebook (linked in English).

HOMOPHOBIA is in progress at STEAM with 1,420 yen (tax included). In addition, a season event is held in winter.

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