Licenses Konamis fail and FUT

The year is slowly coming towards the end. There is a lot of happening in the world of Football. COVID-19 also determined 2021 the scenes of the scene, and EA said with certain probability all offline tournaments.

INAMI in his part, the great chance wandered and released a game that would take the name of the whole discipline for himself — and failed crashing. In the shadow of the two large new competitors are ready to compete against the industry prime and who evidently struggles with license problems.

All in all, a lot was busy in the cosmos of the Football, and we want to talk to you tonight. Host Jan ‘Gaming’ Bergmann invites you to a retrospective talk in our stream. Manuel ‘mm TV’ Made as FIFA connoisseur and trading expert is back from the game. Third in the bundle, the professional is retired, raised Dr. Erato ‘Cayman, who played both in FIFA and PES at the highest level.

Third, our valley round wants to throw a review of the year 2021. It will be the last coming esport talk of the year, so be sure. Of course, as always, we do not just want to speak with and about ourselves, but also hear your comments and voices.


What moved you 2021, where were the highlights, what has gone incredibly wrong? 19:30 today on Twitch.TV/comingde and writes in the chat. Boring it will definitely not!

In our channel you will find all the videos!

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