LOL An LCK player retires at 19 years due to inhuman working hours

A few days ago, a young Korean appeared in the holders of all the means dedicated to the League of Legends; And it was not for an exceptional performance in the field, nor by an external drama. It is by Polka, Midland of DR had simply decided to announce his retirement from him from the competitive. For the public, but also for fanatics, this decision was taken by surprise since it only has 19 years, a very early age for retirement even in League of Legends, where players usually continue in the Upper level until at least 25/26 years. In comparison, Adam, is just a little older (born in 2001) but it does not intend to stop soon and hopes to add many titles to the trophies showcase of it.

POLKA has given some explanations from the announcement of it. In Stream, he shared remarkably with the community of him the schedule he had when he played for DR. And the least we can say is that every day was as long as intense, with no less than 9 hours of scrim spread over 3 sessions. That is, it was necessary to add several hours of single (free training) to stay fit. To be honest, even if we love playing League of Legends, we would be afraid of indigestion if we follow this rhythm.

The best in the world but… at what price?

League of Documentary - The Harsh Truth about Toxic Korean Culture.

When we talk about the best players in the world, we usually point with your finger your innate talent and it is true that some are born with skills above average. But we also do not discard the necessary work to break through, shine and stay at the highest level. Professional players are talented, but also and above all, workers. And this is even more true for Korean players when a little known about their mentality and culture. If Polka surprised the world from him by retiring at 19, we understand better why and when he explains the schedule of him, we understand it quite better. In DR, he had to be available for his team from 1 p.m. During a normal day until 5 o’clock in the morning, counting the breaks to eat, we easily arrive at 13 hours on working days. Knowing this we must add that during the breaks and after the obligatory workday, players were encouraged to play alone to improve their mechanics.

Beyond the enormous amount of work to be provided, the professional player in South Korea can not have a social life either. He ends his day at 5 in the morning And at that moment the family and friends of him surely should not be awake. That’s why it’s complicated to plan a small break on the terrace while taking a juice or just want to breathe fresh air. We can also ask ourselves if such a rhythm is not dangerous for health.

The rhythm of Europe, more normal and human

Each team has its own path, but in view of the reactions of the community, that rhythm seems normal at LACK. While one is tired of Asian domination in the World Cup, it can be assumed that this type of XXL time is part of the reason why Koreans are omnipresent at the highest level.

In Europe, players are also working hard, but the rhythm seems less intense. According to our interviews, the players of the LEC told us that they were made two sessions of scrims per day against three in South Korea. The midnight session is generally not part of the norm, except in exceptional cases. For several years, the efficiency of the quantity has been privileged in the old continent, in particular to avoid wear; and as in Korea a player can already be burned at 19, we can prefer the western method.


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