Steam Bestseller Controverses Survival

Myth of Empires Survival Game Removed From Steam For Copyright Infringement
The Survival game Icarus has set a real dream start on Steam. But even two weeks after the release, the Loop Survival Game is still found in the Steam’s bestsellers — and though the opinions of players are quite split.

Icarus: Survival Game still in the Steam Topsellern

Icarus is already appearing almost two weeks ago, but the new Open World Survival game of the developer studio RocketWerkz was still secured to the fourth of the Steam Top seller. (Source: Steam).

The official trailer sees her first gameplay of the new Survival game:

At first glance, Icarus looks almost like a modified version of ARK: Survival Evolved with chic graphics. Farming, crafting and exploring the game world are in the foreground. However, Icarus sets a special trick. The time you can spend on the name-based planet is limited. You will only be sent to the surface for a short period of time to complete fraction missions.

After the deadline, you have to return to your room station, where you can use your captured materials to make new equipment or unlock new skills. If you do not want to create it back in time, is your character forever lost.

The dangerous world of Icarus can be explored both alone and with up to 7 friends. During your stay, you can also build houses and equipment that help you to help your mission or provide shelters.

Icarus’ look at Steam

What do the players say to Icarus?

The hype for the new survival game was still quite big before the release, but many players seem to have expected much more of Icarus — this reveals a look at the current Steam reviews. Just 62 percent of the players rate the new Survival Game positive.

The biggest criticisms of many gamers: The performance on the PC is still available to be desired. In addition, they complain that Icarus still feels like Early-Access game, although the game is sold as a full-release. However, a large part of the players sees huge potential in Icarus and hopes the developers in the Ex coming updates to eradicate the biggest mistakes and the game to expand more content.

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