Neowiz Mobile Games Idolie Pride Domestic Publishing Agreement

Neo wiz said on the 22nd, the mobile game has signed a domestic publishing agreement of Idol Pride.

A Lawyer Reads...A Game Publishing Agreement! (Part I: Ownership) (VL381)

Dolley Pride is an idol management game that originated by the Japanese animation of the same name, and contains stories that are growing with the girls singing to become the best idol. It is characterized by the introduction of a strategy RPG element in the neglect type, and the attractive characters of the original animation are implemented in sophisticated 3D graphics, and their live performance can be enjoyed more immersive.

In particular, a new color, which has been famous for ‘Love Live’, and has been working on the script of various, and the UP: Flapper (Cupid flap), which increases awareness through ‘Number of Komodo Comerica, and the like, has a character design.. Every 12 famous voice, including Tomato Hanuka, Amalia Sort, Iowa Can, and all of them participated in the Dolley Pride character.

Kim Seung-cheol Neo wiz co-delegation is I am glad to be able to showcase a game that utilizes a featured and completed IP, he said.

Dolley Pride will continue to reservation in the first half of 2022.

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