The King Cup joins the league and will have presence on Twitch with summaries of all matches

The world of football continues to expand on the new platforms so that the youngest ones are still interested in sports by antonomasia. While there is a huge number of people who are followers, up to 40% of young people have lost the taste for this sport and with this type of initiatives The League wants to show a motivation for this competition. If the maximum competition at the national level had come to Twitch a few months ago, now the Copa del Rey, the tournament where the most humble and small teams will have the opportunity to make history in front of the best clubs in Spain.

Will be Ruben Martín, Commentator of the Cope radio chain and now also Streamer, the one who leads a team full of professionals that will analyze all the summaries of the clashes of the King Cup. The clashes that we can see will be all available in the 16th ceasefire of the King Cup, including that of the largest teams such as the Majadahonda against Atlético de Madrid, the Alcoa against Real Madrid or Linear Against FC. Barcelona, ​​in addition to the matches with less expectation.

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It is not the first time that the journalist makes history on the platform, since it brought in October the exclusive summaries of Align and a breath of fresh air to what is traditional sports journalism, uniting two generations in One with joint collaborations between IAI LLAMAS, reference in youth, with figures as Sir López. It will be necessary to see what kind of abstracts are, but it seems that large companies are beginning to evolve and give much more weight to digital platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or even TikTok, causing younger to be interested in the sport that has occupied the Covers of newspapers.

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