What has been the most watched video game in 2021 Track He left in 2013 and keeps razing

At this point of the year it is normal to see a lot of statistics and balance sheets with the most consumed content. In addition to Tops, rankings and others. Taking into account the overflowing twitch growth, it is interesting to see what the most consumed video games on the star platform have been.

The result is that GTA V, who do not forget that it is a game originally released in 2013, is the game most seen on Twitch, 8 years after its launch. According to data from Stream Elements, viewers have seen more than 2,100 hours of play. It only appears over the top for Just Chatting that, as you know, it is not a game, but an indication of when the streamers are simply chatting.

Most Popular Games (2004 - 2021) but is a MUSICAL BATTLE
As you can see in the classification, our beloved League of Legends stays in second position, with more than 1,800 million hours of visualization, and closes the Honor Fortnite posts, with 1,000 million.

GTA V is truly wild, and its success is still sponsored by the huge community of GTA Online and the realization of Role play content as Marbella Vice among many others. And you do not have to forget that

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