FC Barcelona: Everton, Villa and Liverpool want Philippe Coutinho

A change from Barcelona’s Edelreservist Philippe Mourinho to the Premier League becomes more concrete.

According to information from SPOT and GOAL, FC Everton, Aston Villa and Ex-Club FC Liverpool show three clubs from the Premier League interest at the ex-pro-Bayern ex-pro.

At Aston Villa True Mourinho on his old Reds colleagues Steven Gerrard. He has been head coach of the traditional club from Birmingham for a few months. Meanwhile, Everton is looking for miserable benefits in recent months in search of reinforcements for the descent fight and Liverpool keeps the eyes open on the transfer market.

Jürgen Klopp’s team must soon refrain from his two offensive stars Mohamed Salah and Radio Mane because of Africa Cups.

Mourinho is at Barça despite a 1023 valid contract on the launch list. The club definitely wants to save the high content of the Brazilian national player. Among other things, to register 55 million new entry Terran Torres.

FC Barcelona: Mourinho wants to go back to the Premier League

Philippe Coutinho ● Chapter I - FC Barcelona | 2017/2018
Mourinho itself has meanwhile signals that he can imagine a premature farewell this winter. A return to Brazil, which was also speculated, is not an issue according to information from SPOT and GOAL. The 29-year-old wants to play again in England.

There he successfully kicked from 2013 to 2018 for Liverpool before he moved to Barça for 135 million. In Catalonia, he did not meet the high expectations and spent the 2019/2020 season at the Basis at Bayern.

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In the current season it brings Mourinho to 16 missions for Barcelona. The offensive midfielder arrives two goals.

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