Tibia has been with us for 25 years. A game that raised the whole generation of Poles

It will be difficult for you to believe that tomorrow (January 7) Tibia will celebrate its 25th birthday.

Exactly 7 January 1997 released the first public version of the game, which at the beginning was an amateur creation of four German students (Stephan Borzoi, Guido Luke, Ulrich Scott and Stephan Ogler), and then turned into — as it turns out — a cult production Stephan Vogler, which brought up a whole generation of players.

We are talking in particular about Poland, because it is in our country Tibia has gone beyond the simple online game and became a kind of sociological phenomenon. Though not always in a positive sense (boy throwing a chair at his mother, an attack on a teenager to gain the password to the game and other stories were on the agenda). About Tibia were created such as TV reports. TEN, where the famous words fellow Knight and the fight against AXA have already gone to the canon.

If your childhood or teenage days fall on the years 2004-2013, this could not not hear about Tibia. With a small hardware requirements and the seemingly simple rules the game, Tibia was present at each site from internet cafés, computer science lessons in schools after houses Mack, Matthew, Woodrow or other Sebastiano.

at the beginning of Tibia:

Tibia now :

And despite such a long presence on the market, Tibia still collects a huge number of players. Recent data have talked about over 100 thousand active users per day (!!!), while revenues increased by Airsoft in pandemic times from 15 to 25 million euros, although it is mainly thanks to the introduced Character Bazaar (Market for legal sales form).

In addition to Lineage 1 (in South Korea) Tibia is the most popular and most active Stephan Vogler-iem released before the year 2000, which exists on the market today. It’s probably proved something, right?

Yes round anniversary could not unnoticed in Regensburg which was organized on this occasion a lot of events, for example. Partisan Festival, a new quest with a new boss (Lord Retro), a new World Boss, the new decorations, allowing Dungeon return to the past, and even the possibility… meet and play with artists all over Tibia.

(Translation via Tibiopedia.pl)

At some point in the spring will be Partisan Festival. This is an opportunity to meet the four founders of the Tibia: Stephan Guido, During and Steve — commonly known as the Gods — in the game and play with them in Tibia. The gods will spend 45 minutes on each of the three special game worlds (one per region), which are only available during this event, together with the players to overcome a fun obstacle course.

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How are players selected to participate in the festival referred to? During the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Tibia players engaging in a variety of activities lasting from January 7 to February 8 Theory can get. There will be a new category of best results, the Pantheon, which contains a list of players according to the number of accumulated Theodor. The top 50 players from each location (EU, NA, SA) will be able to take part in the Festival Partisan.

Dungeons time travel is a great way to reminisce about the rich history of Tibia, because you had a chance to go back in time from the present to the very beginning of the game. Although the monsters that you encounter, will look like their real counterparts, they do not have the same strength. Instead, they have a similar, relatively low strength, so that during the expedition may also be involved players with lower levels.

However, this experience will not only sow, because with the new quest travel across the entire Tibia to finally meet the boss Lord Retro. The prizes for your efforts will be: a new backpack, mount and dress, as well as Theory.

Additionally, you add a new boss called Morshabaal world. This enemy is a difficult opponent and will probably be the biggest challenge, with which measured the so-far. Be careful! It is a permanent addition to Tibia, remaining in the game after the ceremonies and will appear at the same intervals as Orshabaal. If the right to launch an invasion, a teleport er will appear in the stone circle in the north-western part of the Thais. Because the world is an ordinary Morshabaal boss may not occur during the birthday celebration of Tibia.

As part of a more relaxing entertainment, let Lady Luck to decide about the next prize. North of Thais, south of Carlin and southwest of Thais created an amusement park, where you can cheer on the dragon chick in party-mood, and once a day to win prizes such as Theory, carpets and other decorative items.

Last activity is a booty hunting. North of Thais, at the entrance to a carnival, you will find a lost traveler, which will give you useful information. Objects from the chest next to it are necessary for this task: The wand allows you to find a tourist traveling during the tourist who will visit unforgettable places throughout Tibia, and every hour appears elsewhere. Using the time extractor for the tourist will give you theory; You can do it every 20 hours. All the best!

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