Pechsteins eye success at Schoutens EM

European champion became the Dutchman Irene Shorten in 3: 56.62 minutes prior to her compatriot Antoinette de Jong (3: 59.79) and Francesca Lollobrigida from Italy (4: 00.61).

I recognize that I’m not dealing with for medals, after that I additionally know that the 3000 meters are not my track, yet I know that I did a great race. I wished to be the most effective German, I did that once again, Beckstein said.

The 49-year-old Berliner, who certified as the very first lady for the eighth time for Olympic winter games, took the 7th put on Friday at the overture of the champion over 3000 meters. In direct battle with your teammate Leia Behind, the five-time Olympic champion continued in 4: 11.60 mins. The impeller ran in 4: 14.20 mins the ninth est time.

1000 meters: Sprint specialist Duffer ends up being 5th

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For the finest German positioning, Joel Duff offered the very first competition day. Over 1000 meters, the sprint expert ran in 1: 08.69 minutes on 5th place. Thomas Karol (1: 07.77), Held News (1: 07.86) and Kai Verb (1: 07.94) offered a three-way success of the hosts.

Group competitors: sprinters with fourth location at four groups

In the initial choice of the day, the German Sprinterinners in the team competitors had just fourth area in 4 groups. Katja Fran zen (Intel), Sophie Warmth (Erfurt) and also Lea Sophie Schulz (Berlin) lost the duel over three rounds in 1: 32.29 minutes versus Belarus. The triumph hosted likely to Poland in 1: 27.26 minutes before Belarus (1: 31:18) as well as Norway (1: 31.43).

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