Final Fantasy XIV ultimately gets new servers – when can you buy the MMORPG again?

Last Dream XIV battling overcrowded servers and lengthy queues at login. Consequently, the sale of the MMORPG had actually to be set. Now the Supervisor Yeshiva has introduced a roadmap for the extension of the servers.

The scenario in short:

Gamers from Australia, New Zealand as well as other nations from the region that were previously spread on JP, EU and also United States data facilities will certainly currently clear up and switch over servers in their brand-new residence.

When logging dominates, Since the summer of 2021 brand-new high in FFI thrill gamer that ensures full server as well as line. The MMORPG damaged several documents of his players on Heavy steam as well as was briefly in the top 10 of one of the most played video games.


  • The scenario worsened considerably with the release of the brand-new attachments End walker on 3 December 2021. The servers were overrun by gamers as well as were developed long queues for hours. For fans who might authorize just at night based on work that it was practically impossible to come into play.
  • Then the FFI team provided the players three weeks of complimentary video game time as compensation as well as set any kind of sales of an MMORPG. The cost-free test version might not play a lot more.
  • The director of FFI, Naomi Yeshiva, explained that it is difficult as a result of the worldwide semiconductor shortages for the group, obtain at brand-new servers and also the constraints on travel between the countries make setup difficult. He assured an upgrade on the state in January.

On the various other hand, brand-new servers provide a fresh economy, in which you can enter directly around as collectors or artisans. And also most of all there is on new servers a great deal of complimentary land in the housing areas.

Last Fantasy XIV battling overcrowded servers as well as long lines up at login. It was originally prepared only 3 new servers to start, but this number was increased to 5 due to the high number of gamers. Gamers that are resident in the area can alter the server and thereby reduce their web server latency. The new servers are not fascinating just for players from the Oceania region. Will your server change, if in summer season the brand-new data center in Europe is met?

Simultaneously with the Oceania data center and also the sales of the electronic version of FFI be returned to. The reason is the brand-new web server and also the login regularity with which stock gamers who stabilized, according to Yeshiva again.

However, it needs to return to overloads, the sale is restored. The totally free trial variation will certainly remain switched over off.

It was initially prepared just 3 new servers to start, but this number was boosted to 5 due to the high number of players. Gamers that are resident in the region can alter the web server and also consequently reduce their web server latency.

Currently, there are new details on the roadmap of web server upgrades from FFI and sale of MMORPGs in a blog site message of the supervisor.

Will this aid? While not located in the extension on 25 January at servers for all areas have actually hoped for numerous gamers and also waited, but the Oceania data center should provide some alleviation nevertheless.

The facility of the 3rd center will certainly nonetheless only take place in summer 2023rd In addition, the 4th data center for Europe in preparation need to additionally be. Comparable measures are taken for the United States and also Japan.

Numerous players can only desire of their very own home, so the possibility is to purchase a residential or commercial property without wonderful troubles on a brand-new data center for lots of. Do you assume that the Oceania data center will make an obvious difference or is it just a drop on the warm stone? Will your server adjustment, if in summer the brand-new data center in Europe is met?

The new servers are not interesting only for players from the Oceania area. It is rather possible that could be appealing to gamers from various other areas of the transfer. On the one hand it is complimentary and without bonus offers.

This is the state of EU-Server: Compared to Oceania players the continuing to be areas have still a long haul to be encompassed their servers, that includes Europe. The initial step of the expansion of the European servers will certainly happen until July 2,022 TH.

In the second phase, we intend to create a brand-new 3rd rational data center as well as to open up there for eight new globes . This leads to a setup of 3 logical data centers with 8: 8: 8 globes. The development in 2 phases is however essential due to the present semiconductor problem.

This is on 25 January: In a usual in-depth update of the principal of MMORPGs out the strategies of the developers for the growth of data facilities. Accordingly, the brand-new data center for the nautical region will already browse the web on 25 January.

New servers beginning with January 25, however…

The team intends the Web server Expansions much ahead and is already considering the following augmentation 7.0, which still has no main name, but is currently in growth. The circumstance just like the launch of End walker ought to be avoided.

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