Xbox Live Gold surprises subscribers with a free Xbox exclusive

Xbox Live Gold has surprised subscribers with two free games, both Xbox 360 games, and one of which is actually exclusive from Xbox. In addition to free January games, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download man explosion free, however, there are some hoops to jump as the game is free through Xbox Live Gold Brazil. You do not have to be in Brazil to download the game or need another subscription to Xbox Live Gold, but you will need to get an Xbox Live Gold account for the region.

Man explosion – developed by Twisted Pixel Games and published by Xbox – debuted in 2009 through Xbox Live Arcade and as an exclusive Xbox 360. After its launch, it generated a very respectable 84 in Metacritic and, to this day, is widely Considered as one of the best games of Xbox Live Arcade. Next, you can read more about it and see a progress too:

Man explosion: «You have exploited the rest, now exploits the best. Session Man has a campaign for a fifty-level player and a separate multiplayer cooperative campaign of fifty levels.

This is not the only additional free game that is offered to the Xbox Live Gold subscribers. With the same trick, but via Xbox Live Gold South Korea, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download -walked free. Darkness is another game of Xbox 360, but developed by Airtight Games and published by Cap com. It was released a year later man explosion in 2010. Next, you can read more about it and also see an advance:

Dark vacuum: «Tate on ‘the void’… a sinister parallel world of hostile aliens, powerful weapons and a deep mystery… The unique combination of Dark Void of dog fights propelled by jetpacks and terrestrial combats brings a New and exciting dynamic to video games. Experience the perfect transition between the flight and the fight in this epic adventure of Cap com ».

At the time of publication, it is not clear how long the game will be available for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but it is likely that it is only until the end of the month.

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