Steam Deck: Valve announces dynamic synchronization with the cloud

VALVE has published a ticket to announce the implementation of a new functionality specially for easy platform change when approaching the Steam Deck, this portable console PC that will find a good part of the Steam catalog under The duvet.

The dynamic synchronization with the cloud will facilitate the continuity of the parts between a traditional PC and a steam deck. This feature allows you to alternate between the Steam Deck and PC versions of the same uninterrupted game and without having to leave the game on Steam Deck, explains Valve.

We are waiting for many people to watch their Steam Deck without closing the game, as is the case with other portable gaming machines. Thanks to the dynamic synchronization with the cloud, the progress is saved when We switch to another device, whether it is a computer or other copy of Steam Deck.
When this feature is enabled, before paving the device, Steam automatically transfers to the cloud all modified gaming backups. It is then possible to resume the game on any PC or other device. Then, When you turn back on Steam Deck and the standby, Steam automatically downloads any changes to the game backup.

Valve adds that support for this feature is not an obligation for a game to work properly on Steam Deck, but it is a free comfort option that it would be a shame to deprive yourself. Note, however, it will be necessary to activate it manually for your games on Steamworks and use the new APIs, as explained here. Remember that the first Steam Deck are expected at the end of February at the happy buyers.

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