In the wake of the redemption, Blizzard unveils a new license

Diablo, Warcraft, Overwatch: Blizzard Entertainment will soon be able to rely on another license than the usual figures of Studio’s bow. One week day for the day after the Tool ads for the buyout Blizzard by Microsoft, the IRVINE branch publicly confirms the start of a new project around a survival game. You can not make that up.

Difficult naturally not to make the link between the recent acquisition and the need to open a new chapter in the history of society. It is also the present the little Laius who accompanies what is nothing less than a large-scale recruitment announcement: We leave on a trip in a brand-new universe, where is a brand-new Survival game for PCs and consoles. A place filled with heroes that we have not met yet, stories that have not yet been told and adventures that have not yet been lived. A vast kingdom of opportunities, waiting to be explored. Every story needs a storyteller. And every world requires builders. And if it, was you?
The house insists in particular on the need to create
a diverse team of developers readies to lend their voices, to listen to and to be heard, counterpart of the many cases of harassment, discrimination and sexism revealed throughout the year. Elapsed. The posts to be filled are equally on the artistic part and questions of level design, without forgetting everything about the engine, the servers or the tools made available to developers.

Again, job ads are aimed at making round table of past torments: is you are looking for a team where inclusion, consideration, empathy, professionalism and collaboration are considered essential values, we think that we believe that Our team could suit you perfectly.. And adding: We offer generous advantages and benefits in order to ensure a real balance between professional and private life. We worked hard to promote a creative environment and intense collaboration, a diversified corporate culture and inclusive, as well as training and opportunities for professional development.
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