Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft takes LATAM RENDS and moves its qualifying to Sweden

The Latin American qualifier at Six Invitational was, in Soft Words, a total disaster. He was plagued by logistical problems that affected Spanish-speaking players, postponing their flights and leaving them at dusk on communication issues. The illness closed with Others Esports taking a step on the side of Rainbow Six Siege and the rest of the participants managing back home.

It is an episode that reveals the lack of professionalism that still exists in electronic sports. The good news, however, is that Ubisoft and another branch of ESL will be in charge of the competition soon. This is, you will still seek to carry out the penultimate event before the World Cup of Rainbow Six Siege .

SIX INVITATIONAL 2022 Qualifiers – LATAM – Day 1
Through a communiqué on social networks, Rainbow Six ESPORTS updated about what was happening. In a preliminary manner, the Latin American qualifier was suspended by Coronavirus’ issues (Covid-19). Ubisoft took the opportunity to apologize, since it was not up to expectations. He promised to investigate with ESL what went wrong so that it does not happen in the near future.

Now, the company’s intention is that the tournament takes place. But no longer in Brazil: it will move to Stockholm , Sweden for January 31 and February 1st. What makes sense considering that the Invitational Six changed the host country. It will be carried out on European soil once again, pointing to comply with all relevant health protocols.

As expected, the Latin American qualifier will be played in a study format. There will be no present public, only the personnel required to operate the days. Same that they are still to be realized, since some teams announced changes barely returned home. Tentatively, we look forward to Felix Esports and Furious Gaming in the contest for the World Cup.

While the answer was mixed, besides not elaborating in the multiple complaints of the teams, things seem underway. And this time they will have followed up on the part of Ubisoft.

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