Franc-Shooter Guide of Lost Ark

This guide will teach you most of what you need to know about the franc-shooter class in Lost Ark, starting with an overall overview of its strengths and weaknesses, skills but also our recommended builds suggestions for Leveling, in PVE SOLO AND IN GROUP, OR PVP.

Presentation of the franc-shooter

In seeing them brandish three weapons with agility and attack with a blind passion, we could mistakenly believe that these raws aspire to death. In fact, they aspire to the death of their opponents. They choose the most effective weapon of their arsenal, which includes a double pistol, a shotgun and a rifle.

Role of the franc-shooter

In Lost Ark, the Fran-shooter is an archetype of the sniper class.

It is a class DPS inflicting very heavy damage to short, medium and long range. The franc-shooter (like the rifle) has three different weapons. Pistols, shotguns and a sniper rifle.

In PVE, you give a good debuff of criticism on your target for all your group while in PVP, you have some controls, a huge mobility and heavy damage at any distance, which makes you very versatile.

Franc-Shooter has a gift gameplay based on pistols and shotguns while the rifle will be specialized in short and long-range attacks with guns and sniper rifle

Identity Skill of the Franc-Shooter

Like the rifle, the identity competence (his main liability in a few kinds) of the franc-shooter is quite singular. Instead of an activatable skill, identity competence is dedicated to changes in arms. As mentioned above, you have three types of weapons:

The pistols: Source Debuff to increase the critics of your team on a target, it is also the weapons that will bring you all your mobility. They also apply you a slight displacement and attack speed buff.
Fighter rifles: Your short range damage.
The sniper rifle: useful for inflicting heavy damage to long distance but makes you often motionless.

There are two pretty distinct gameplay style for the franc-shooter. The first is based on arms changes to apply your critical improvements and make heavy damage with your hunting rifles, the other is only dedicated to guns.

Forces and weaknesses of the franc-shooter

Strengths :
– Very good damage
– Very high mobility thanks to pistols
– Debuff to increase critics on the target
– a dynamic gameplay thanks to the permanent weapon switch

– Very fragile
– Difficult to master with the 3 different weapons and the many capacities
– Unlike the rifle, the franc-shooter must advantageously remain relatively close to the body to inflict large damage

Franc-shooter skills

Awakening skills of the franc-shooter

Our Recommended Builds on Lost Ark

In Lost Ark you can save up to three talent trees. You can change Build for free at any time in the game (out of combat and when your skills are not in CD). In the lines that will follow we will talk about “Tripod”. If you do not know what it is, do not hesitate to read our guide on the Tripod system of Lost Ark.

Remember that there is no optimal build. We recommend some builds that we believe are efficient, but above all, we advise you to find your own build that will be the most fun for you.

Leveling Build of the Franc-Shooter

As for many classes, privilege travel tripods to speed up your level. Also abuse zone capabilities to bring together your enemies more quickly.

Your pistols giving you all your travel capabilities, you will necessarily go the middle of your time with these weapons there. The franc-shooter with many abilities, you will find in our “Filler” skills in our builds, which will be there to fill your skill slots but will not be very important.

Your main travel capabilities can be kept at the first Tripod for mobility improvement:
– Forced execution (level 10)
– Acrobatic shot (level 10)
– skillful shot (level 22)

Your main sources of damage will come from your shotguns:
– Realization of Apocalypse (level 10)
– Fast shot of the shotgun (level 20)
– Master of the shotgun (level 28)

Build PVE of the Franc-shooter Enhanced Weapon

One of the two specialization of the PVE franc-shooter uses the pistols to apply the debuff of crock as the shotguns to inflict heavy damage. She will ask you to constantly return to pistols to refresh the buff thanks to your three capacities. If you have to move, use your many pistol movement skills as well.

Once your debuff of criticism applied, Switchez to pump rifles, use your capabilities that will be your main source of damage. You can switcher in sniper rifle if you are remotely to use “Perfect Shooting”, otherwise Return to guns to refresh the Debuff. Continue your rotation to always apply the debuff of criticism thanks to your three different pistol capacities.

Be careful not to use all your capabilities of pump rifles, these two weapons have very long cd. Do not find yourself to apply your debuff in guns and when you change weapons, your capabilities will not be recharged.

Apply your debuff of criticism thanks to:
– spinning tractor
– Grenada AT02

Switchez then for your shotguns that will be your main source of damage with:
– Realization of Apocalypse
– Fast shot of the shotgun
– Master of the shotgun
– Latest wishes

Build PVE of the franc-shooter pistole

For this specialization, the franc-shooter is based exclusively on its pistols. This is a less efficient specialization in terms of DPS but much easier to play. You have great mobility ensuring that you are mostly safe.

– Forced execution: Damage
– Meteor drop: Damage
– Grenada AT02: Debuff the target to inflict more criticism
– Plasma ball: Damage
– APLOMB: Damage
– Skill: Mobility
– Flash Shooting: Damage
– Cruel shipping: Damage

Build PVP of the franc-shooter

In PVP, your mobility will make you very annoying for your opponents. Move with your pistols, apply your controls, and shoot your target when you are sure to touch with your pump rifles and sniper.

– Turning tractor: Control / debuff The target to inflict more criticism for 6 sec
– Grenada AT02: Control
– Forced execution: Displacement / Control
– Acrobatic shot: Moving / super armor
– Fire of Death: Control
– Flash Shooting: Control
– Latest wishes: big damage / control
– Catastrophe: Gros Damage / Control / Super Armor
– Precise shot: Check / execution
– Perfect shot: Big damage / super armor

We also offer two combos. The first is easy to achieve, the second will ask you a little practice for Switcher between weapons and use all your abilities.

Basic Combo:
– Engage with forced execution
– spinning tractor to destabilize
– Grenada AT02 for control and Switchez in pump rifles or sniper rifle
– Latest wishes or catastrophe

Complete combo:
– Engage with forced execution and or fire of death
– spinning tractor to destabilize and switch into pump rifles
– Latest wishes and Switchez in pistols
– Grenada AT02 for control and switchez in sniper rifle
– disaster
– Perfect shot

We hope this guide can help you in your first steps in Lost Ark. Remember that these are just suggestions based on our preferences. You are free to modify at your leisure depending on the build that you will find more fun to play.

If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the exit of the game in France or our guide on the most sought after classes.

So much for our guide to the franc-shooter in Lost Ark. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on PVE SOLO.

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