Pokemon legend Arceus

Pokémon legends: Arceus offers even for damped fans a lot of new ones. To keep the overview of the pokémon catch, shinys, the different missions and more, we have summarized all the important guides and tips for the game in our Guide Hub .

This article will be continuously updated with new guides.

General Tips

  • 14 tips for the perfect entry \ – with these tricks you make the start easier.

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* Play time \ – So long you need for the story.
* Money Tricks \ – How to quickly get to Pokédollar to buy something or expand your pocket.
* XP-Exploit \ – With this exploit you can already farm money and experience in the first area.
* Secret gifts \ – How gets gifts and turns the codes free.

Pokémon find and catch

  • Pokédex \ – these are all Pokémon for your Hisui Pokédex.
  • Baby Pokémon \ – This baby pokémon is there and so you can find them all.
  • Evoli and his developments \ – We show you where to find Evoli and we further develop it to his eight final forms.
  • Flying Pokémon catch \ – How to fly your flying Pokémon easily with the shuttle.
  • Darkrai \ – How your Darkrai gets when you have a game file of Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl .

Home and Supporting Missions

  • The three cheeky bidiza \ – so you will find the three bidiza in Jubeldorf.
  • Time again demand for new goods \ – so you will find the beach radish to expand the assortment of the shop.
  • Shiny Ponita \ – the mission “Rare Ponita spotted!” Supplies a guaranteed shiny and so you get it.
  • Traunfugils Walling Hair \ – How to find Traunfugil and turns new hairstyles in Jubeldorf.
  • White vulpix in the snow \ – so you get the only alola vulpix.

These are our guides to Pokémon legends: Arceus. We hope that we could make life easier for you. As soon as new guides come, we update this article of course.

Are you still burning questions about Pokémon on the soul that we have not answered yet? Write us in the comments!

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