Handball EM: Final Spain vs. Sweden now in the live ticker

Spain and Sweden today deny the final of the Handball European Championship 2022. Here we tick the game around the EM title for you.

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Handball EM: Final Spain vs. Sweden now in the live ticker – the current score

Team Spain Sweden
Goals 0 0

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Handball EM: Final Spain vs. Sweden now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: As a referee, the EHF has set a team from Germany to the final with Robert Schulze and Tobias Tönnies. Supervisor is the Russian Victor Poladenko. Observer is Balaz’s Sós from Hungary.

Before starting: Also in the semi-final against Olympic champion France, the team of coach Glenn Solberg underlyed a false start, but led by playmaker Jim Gotfridssson and supported by the many parades of the goalkeeper Andreas Palicka, she turned off the winner road this time. For hair width, she would have played a two-goal lead in the last 50 seconds, but with the final siren sentencing Palicka parished a free litter of short distance.

Before being started: The choice of Sweden, who was underlaid in the first competition phase to their today’s opponator with 28:32 and almost excreted in their third tournament match against Czech Republic (27:27), could significantly increase in the main round and put theirs Preliminary highlight in the dramatic 24:23 against neighboring country Norway on the plate. After an interim six-goal residue (30th), the Tre Kronor moved the result only by a 5: 0 run in the last five minutes on its side.

Before starting: After the loss-free preliminary round, the Iberians in the main round had lost only against the Team Norway (23:27), had gone for several non-consistently convincing achievements as an outsider in the leadership comparison with world champion Denmark. But against the Scandinavians, but once again they used all their experience in order to preserve the rest after an early residue, and to keep the crucial phase cool head. At 29:25, goalkeeper Perez de Vargas as well as the field players Gómez and Cañellas.

Before starting: The Spanish handballers have confirmed their status as an EM specialist in this issue. While they bronzed bronze medals as a result of the successful title defense of Stockholm 2020 both at the World Cup in Egypt and the Olympic Games Last Year, they have returned to this continental tournament beyond the final part.

Before starting: Defending champion Spain gets to do it in the final with record European champion Sweden. The Iberers prevailed in the semifinals against World Champion Denmark, Sweden devised France. For the Spaniards it would be the third success in series after they could defend their title from 2018 two years ago. Sweden already won the EM four times.

Before starting: The answer in the MVM Dome in the Hungarian capital Budapest takes place at 6 pm.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the Handball EM 2022 finale between Spain and Sweden.

Handball EM: Final Spain vs. Sweden today live in the TV and Livestream

You can live the EM final between Spain and Sweden live on TV and Livestream. The game is on Eurosport 1 from 5.50 clock to see Eurosport 1. Commentator is Uwe Semrau, as an expert, Pascal Hens is in use.

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Sweden vs Spain | Highlights | Men’s EHF EURO 2022

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