PLAYSTATION STUDIOS developers look back on the “Best Boss of the From Software Work”. Memories of Mr. From Miyazaki, head and system is different

Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SIE) was published on PLAYSTATION BLOG that developers of PlayStation Studios talk about “the best bosses of the From Software Work” on February 5. Comments have been received from many prominent studio developers. In addition, Miyazaki Hidaka, president and director, etc., also talk about “the most proud boss”.

This time, the article published by SIE seems to be a group of works of so-called “dark soul” system “in recent years. Specifically, the bosses of “DEMON’s Souls” and “Dark Soul” series and “Bloodborne” “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” are selected. In addition to the developer-like insights that talks to the boss from the viewpoint of design and gameplay, many players have a wide range of comments to the content that seems to be sympathetic. Below, we will excerpt the contents from Japanese and English versions of the contents. It should be noted that the nature of the article includes the spoiler of the series work.

Randall Lowe, who raised “Cold Soul 3” as the best boss. He is the person who served as a producer such as the remake version “Demon’s Souls” at Bluepoint Games. He says that the dancer remains a scene from the ceiling and still comments and comments. He is acclaimed as being smooth and enthusiastic. In addition, the battle with the dancer is reminiscent of “Demon’s Souls” “Kuranuki Knight” and was a more sophisticated impression. He said he had a sad feeling after defeating the dancer, and he also expected to be able to taste the thrill even in the new software “Elden Ring”.

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His Joe Pettinati of Naughty Dog, who served as “The Last of Us Part II”, “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” and “Lion Monkey”. He says “Bloodborne” “blood thirsty beast” and talks about the fight against the lion monkey. He seems to be deeply impressed by the morphological change mechanism of lion monkey. He was impacted to rising the cut-off neck with a sword with a sword, and the second form “half snake and half ballet dancer like” motion is especially favorites. In addition, it is praised that the setting of the immortal time is not explanation but only overwhelming visuals.

  • “Lion monkey”

“Bloodborne” to “Mary of the Clock Tower”, “GOD OF WAR RAGNARöK” in Santa Monica Studio, such as IVANNA LITTSCHWAGER, an environmental artist involved in “GOD OF WAR RAGNARöK”. His comments about her battle with her Maria “I felt that she was dancing while being read her”. He praised an animation that suits the impressive stage design, music and character design. She also seems to be a favorite of multiple stages of battle.

In addition, the first “Dark Seoul” and DLC also include “Knight Altrius” and “Gray Owashi Shifu”. For shiff, Mr. Tom ClerCx, who serves as an animator at Nixxes Software, is an estate. He knows his back story that fly to his husband and his feelings sinked. And, we praise the points that have a deep background of each boss. The favorite of Altrius to your favorites MATTHEW KEMP of the FIRESPRITE Game Designer. While touching the battle style of ferocious Altrius like a beast, it comments that the art style of the match stage and Altrius was most intense. He has been telling his tragic backstory and he is telling.

And from outside the PlayStation Studios, Miyazaki Miyazaki, also contributing from the outside of the PlayStation Studios. He mentioned is “Yellow Nagai” from “Demon’s Souls”. Here, Thomas Hart, Associate Community Manager, Insomniac Games, also sows. First of all, the Yellow of the Yellow is a slightly special boss. For example, in the same work online play, there is a mechanism in which the yakagi is “interpersonal battle”. If a player challenged the Yellow of the Yellow, another player will be summoned as a yakagi. Therefore, if a skilled player is summoned, it is a system that develops into a very severe interpersonal battle.

Hart has a tactics similar to his own place tile, and defeated a yellow-rolling loring that lores the vertical and non-spacious rolling and Paris and the back stub. He said, “What a great AI” he said he was impressed. However, in the second battle, the Yellow of Yellow aged has attacked at a completely different style. HART, who has been involved, has asked the Internet to capture. Therefore, it seems that the above interpersonal battle system was first known and has been a great shock.

Mr. Miyazaki is named as “the most proud boss”, not the best boss for Yellow cohesion. According to him, the system and design of the yellow coalet was originally the initially opposite voice. Implementation is also difficult and it seems that it was a situation where I could not get an understanding. Miyazaki, on the other hand, said Miyazaki told the concept of Yakagi’s concept, including visual and gameplay. And finally, the Yellow Nagai was implemented in the game overcoming difficulties. He said, “I think that the fans are happy, I think it was finished in an attractive boss.”

Mr. Miyazaki again has a difficult game mechanism design during “Demon’s Souls” development. He still has become a complex implementation of asynchronous multiplayer elements that are now. And Yuko’s old man is commented that it is a boss that embodies the hardship of such development and the prisoner that overcomes it. Yellowing Yellow may be a symbolic presence of ambitious work realization for he.

In articles by this SIE, many other PlayStation Studios developers talk about the memories of bosses that colurize the From Software work. Also, I can read Miyazaki’s comments in the English version. If you are interested, please read it by all means. Each pointing point is also a story that tells you how much various bosses have appeared. This month’s new work “Elden Ring” released on February 25, already appears in the boss of outdoors with trailer or the like. Even with the same work, it will be possible to enjoy the boss battle deeply inscribed in memory.

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