Pokemon Go: These are the very best opponents by kind – Stand 2022

We reveal you the most effective Pokémon of each kind and also clarify what makes this Pokémon unique.

With the 6th generation Inpokémon Go Rotation has involved the ideal attackers. We reveal you which Pokémon of which type are the very best and also what assaults are most strongest.

We did not take into consideration right here: We just offered you below “typical” Pokémon. The list shows no Crypto or Mega-Pokémon. They are much better in many means, but a lot more difficult to get.

Strong opponents are very important in Pokémon Go, since this can dominate in Raids and Arenes. Meanwhile, monsters are 6 generations in the video game.

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Update from 11 February: We have updated this post for you with the finest current opponents that you can make use of 2022 in Raids.

Kind fight

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We currently introduce you to the ideal battle Pokémon. This can be successfully utilized versus Pokémon by the types typical, ice, inappropriating, steel as well as rock. The adhering to Pokémon are the most effective:


День Святого Валентина 2022 | Новый покемон в игре [Pokemon GO]
Best Moveset: counter as well as aurasphere


This makes Lucario especially: Lucario totally advantages from the assault aurasphere. The attack is damn strong as well as makes it better than any kind of other combat Pokémon.



The power Meistagrif so special: Meistagrif outlines all previous battle Pokémon except Lucario. It ends up more damages than Machome egg, however it is additionally stable in combat.


This makes Machomei particularly: Machome I was for a long time as one of the most crucial Pokémon in the game. His values were never ever the best.




That makes Kapilz so special: The Pokémon dominates solid fight attacks as well as has a solid assault value. It is not greater in the listing as it is quite vulnerable and also quickly defeated.


That makes Hariyama so special: The Pokémon keeps a whole lot of damages in the fight. In return, however, it does not dividen as much injury, which is why Hariyama lands only in 5th location.



Type ice


This makes Lohgock so unique: Lohgock has strong values in itself, but the attacks are not so strong compared to other top enemies. Foccup is weak than a swirl, which is why Lohgock lands only on 6th location.

Ice Pokémon can be used especially well against Pokémon of kind plant, dragon, flooring as well as flight.

Finest Moveset: Powder snow and also avalanche

This makes Mamutel specifically: Mamutel creates most damage to the ice assailants. It ratings generally with its two solid ice strikes. Competitor Kyurem has only one packing strike of kind ice.


Ideal Moveset: Ice tooth and also avalanche

This makes Galar-Flampivian unique: The enormous attack worth makes Galar-Flampivian so strong. It has a far better value than Mamutel as well as can for that reason rack up most importantly as a damage dealership. The negative aspect is frailty, which is why it is provided behind Mamutel.


Ideal Moveset: ice chips and avalanche


This makes Snibunna unique: Snibunna you can compare with Gengar. It shares great damage, but is defeated as fast. It assists you in the team significantly, however you need lots of potions to recover it.

Ideal Moveset: Ice Plaything and Lawine

This makes Glaciola particularly: Evoli development has a great advantage: it is simple for the majority of players. At the current after the Evoli community-day you have enough sweets. In enhancement, Glaciola has a peak of attack.


Ideal Moveset: Psychobling as well as ice light beam


The power Meewtu special: Mewtu is not of kind ice, but take advantage of its massive attack value and also the loading strike ice beam of light. Because of this, it lands in 5th location and also lets some traditional ice opponents behind them.

Ideal Moveset: Ice Toy as well as Lawine

This makes Rossana especially: Rossana has a strong strike worth as well as strong assaults, but the Pokémon is swiftly defeated and also is a lot more like a glass cannon.

On the next web page it chooses the finest enemies of the kinds of psycho as well as inappropriately.

We did not take into account here: We just presented you here “normal” Pokémon. This makes Machomei particularly: Machome I was for a lengthy time as one of the most important Pokémon in the game. This makes Mamutel particularly: Mamutel creates most damage to the ice assaulters. This makes Galar-Flampivian special: The substantial assault value makes Galar-Flampivian so solid. This makes Snibunna unique: Snibunna you can contrast with Gengar.

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