Fall on Discord Servers: How to solve the problems of text, voice and video connection

If you have trouble using Discord you may be crossing with connection problems with the server . Fall of servers in Discord is not a very common problem, but it can occur if there is a lot of user trafficking.

They Muted Me, So I Wizzed Their Discord Server

Below we explain how to know the server status and Solve connection problems at DISCORD ** as “Connecting with online services” or “serverrisader” so you can use your text, voice and voice Video without problems.

When can I use Discord without problems

First, it touches check the situation of the servers of Discord . For this we will go to the official sources and, as well, we will know if the problem is of our connection or a general fall in front of which we can do little.

On the Discord Servers and Status page we can see the state of the general servers . There they will tell us what problem there are and when they plan to solve it. Another recommended source is to review the situation through your official Twitter account.

How to solve the problems of servers in Discord

If everything aims to be our problem and not an discord servers , then we can try Solve it . Here you have some solutions to server problems that can be used:

  • Restart the application.
  • Restart your PC or mobile device.
  • Review the WiFi connection.
  • Limit the connections we have at that time.
  • Restart the router.

If you continue with problems try to wait a while or look for information in other sources. An alternative is to look at sites such as social networks or Reddit if there are comments on the subject. So you will see if there is a general problem to be able to inform the technical service of your Region .

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