Fans explain why they have not yet turned their backs on New World

Amazon MMORPG New World is often criticized. Although the game has been added to the game over some patches and more content added, but some players are simply disappointed by the title. Often it will complain about bad balancing, heap bugs, and far too much grind in the PVE. So the new January update could not convince many users.

This can also be seen on the dwindling game numbers of the title. According to SteamDB, about 65,000 actively active players play the MMORPG, a few weeks and months ago, this number was still significantly higher. After all, New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) but these players still inspire themselves. Why that is, probably also interested the user Bloodangel1378 of the title official forums, which is why he made a contribution about the topic.

Why is New World still played?

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The thread has almost 150 answers, many of them limit themselves to the PVP of the game. For some forum users, the fight player against players is probably the only reason why they have not left the MMO yet. Both PVP in the open world as well as in Outpost Rush mode makes many players a lot of fun.

Also, some players find the new mutators in dungeons pretty well, which is why they will stay in New World for the time being. Typical for MMO, for many players, the social aspect of the title is an important point. Some users realize that they only log in, because their guild persists or not yet stopped their friends with the game. Also, the open world from New World is a lot of workery enough to forget the problems around you.

Overall, it is easy to say that some players still have fun with Amazon’s New World. Many also hope that the title will significantly improve over the next few months, which is why they do not want to throw the flint in the grain early. What about you guys? Have you switched with New World now, or you continue to visit the world of Aeternum?

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