Musial: “See me better than the FIFA

With a potential of 89, Jamal Musiala ranks among the best talents in FIFA 22. The shooting star of FC Bayern Munich made a huge leap in football simulation before the launch of the current offshoot. In the last part he first came to the end of the season through an update into the game and was very discreet with a total thickness of 61.

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His this year’s version has been significantly improved by Publisher EA Sports. So the youngster starts with a 75 in the Ultimate Team. No wonder so that he belongs in this season to the firm part of his own cadring, although he sees clearly air.

“See me better than the FIFA rating”

On the question of sports, whether he would use in Fut himself, Musiala gave an insight into his team: “Yes, I’m guilty of myself. But the ‘Digital Jamal’ is not such a good player, has too many ball losses ” In fact, the variable young pound comes to just 67 points in terms of passport – far away from a value that would be considered meta.

But not only with this assessment on the part of EA is dissatisfied: “As far as speed, shooting or technology is concerned, I see myself better than the FIFA evaluation.” The shooting values ​​(70) are his second great weak point, his pace can be easily seen with 76 although it will not really meet him. With a ball control and a dribbling value of 84, however, it is already placed in the technology area but more than solid, after all, one must not forget: with its 18 years he can – even in FIFA – still enormously improve.

Musials soon with improved values ​​in FIFA?

After the Team of the Year, many players in Ultimate Team are already waiting for an action that deals with supertalents of his quality class. Musiala is considered a hot candidate on a ‘Future Stars’ card. With an upgrade variant, he would certainly be found in significantly more teams.

So far, the event is not yet confirmed. The international is still glad that he could take a better role on the virtual lawn at the time of publication this year: “For the first, it’s just cool to see me in this game.”

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