NFL Playoff Recap: Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers 20:17 – Outstanding coupling leads Rams to the Super

The Los Angeles Rams performed through a 20-17 success over the San Francisco 49ers the Super Bowl in the home Sofi Stadium. Wide Receiver Cooper Dress was once again the best man. Opponents in two weeks are the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the end it was Rams-Superstar Aaron Donald, who moved the last hopes of San Francisco 49ers the plug. With violent pressures by the center, he forced quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (16/30, 232 YDS, 2 TD, Int) to throw an emergency pass in the trap direction Running Back Jamycal Ostry. The ball was too high, was folded and finally landed at Travin Howard for the interception to victory. Afterwards, Rams-QB Matthew Stafford (31/45, 337 yds, 2 TD, Int) only had to stick down, marriage the home game in Super Bowl Lvi in ​​Los Angeles Festand.

The story of the first half from the point of view of the RAMs were awarded opportunities. After punts on both sides, the households, whose fans in the Sofi Stadium were obvious in the subneasment, in the red z1. There, however, Matthew Stafford threw an interception into the end zone in the direction of Cooper. Cornerback K’waun Williams counterfilled the ball after good coverage and Safety Jimmie Ward grabbed the pick.

However, the Rams made it better afterwards: after a punt of the niners, which went to the 3-yard line, the Rams laid their longest Drive of the year. Overall, he went over 97 yards, 18 plays and 9:33 minutes and ended with a 16-yard touchdown catch of clutch, which was against a 2-deep shell of it manally and then not stop.

The 49ers answered promptly through their best Playmaker Elebo Samuel, who after a screen thanks a few good blocks all ran for a 44-yard touchdown catch-and-run.

After that, the problems of the RAM continued. Stafford threw two very good depth passports, one of them, who had only green in front of him, and shortly thereafter one to Ben Skowronek in the end zone – both receivers dropped the balls. To all overflow, Kicker Matt Gay then awarded a Field Goal attempt from 54 yards. The Niners thus managed a 38-yard field goal through Robbie Gould until the break. 10: 7 San Francisco.

Rams: Strange in-game management of McVay remains follow

At the start of the second half, the RAMs managed directly a stop, but their following drive ended at the 43 of the niners by a stop at 4th and 1. A sneak of Stafford was stopped before the marker. Not enough with that, because though the TV images confirmed the decision on the field, Rams-Coach Sean Mcvay still threw the Red Challenge Flag and thus a timeout lightly.

In the episode, the 49ers built their lead even. At the end of a Drives over ten plays, Garoppolo Tight End George Kittle found on a Corner Route wide open in the end zone for a 16-yard touchdown pass to the 17: 7 for the guests.

The RAMs did not stop afterwards and beat back directly. After Chunk Plays by DISC and Tight End Kendall Blanton Found Stafford finally dam for a 11-yard touchdown. Then the RAM succeeded in a further stop near the centerline, where McVay directly removed his second challenge and its last timeout. He wanted to have seen a fumble by Kyle Juszczyk, but the fullback was Down by Contact. Ten minutes were still to play.

After that, however, the 49ers gifts also distributed. First, Safety Jaquiski Tarrt freestandingly dropped a completely outgoing Deep Ball of Stafford. Then, a 15-yard-roughness penalty was conceded for a helmet hit against Odell Beckham Jr., who had already gone to the ground after a catch. As a result, the households succeeded by a 40-yard Field Goal.

And after a quick stop of the Rams, those got the ball back, the clock played down to 2 minutes warning and then went through Gays Field Goal from 30 yards. And that should also be the final score, which the Rams sent again for the first time since 2018 in Dien Super Bowl. There it goes in two weeks against the Cincinnati Bengals, who had surprisingly prevailing against Kansas City Chiefs.

Through this success, the Rams are the second team according to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the previous year, which will be a Super Bowl in front of a local backdrop.

NFC Championship Game: Los Angeles Rams Vs. San Francisco 49ers

Result: 20:17 (0: 0, 7:10, 0: 7, 13: 0) Boxscore

Rams vs. 49ers – the most important statistics

  • Cooper Couff is the first receiver, who has collected a total of more than 2000 Receiving Yards in a season in Regular Season and Playoffs. In addition, his second touchdown catch was in the game of the 20th in this season as a whole. Thus, Stafford and Cancel are first the second QB receiver duo in the history of the NFL with at least 20 TD connections in their first common season to Tom Brady and Randy Randy Moss (24) 2007.
  • Bug also put his 13th game with at least 100 recyving yards. These are most in the history of the NFL in a single season with playoffs. Previously, he shared the record with Michael Irvin.
  • PHONE AND ODELL BECKHAM JR. (113 YDS) both came to over 100 Receive Yards. Two players with at least 100 receiving yards had the Rams in the playoffs most recently in the wildcard game 2004 with Torry brought and Kevin Curtis.

The Star of the Game: Cooper Chop (Wide Receiver, Rams)

Dress was again the outstanding man with the Rams. He performed his team with 11 receptions for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns, providing himself for 6 First Downs, who held numerous drives alive and gave the team at the end of the important 1st down before 2 minutes warning. CAN is the engine of this team, even if he had the chance for another touchdown even with a drop in the first half.

The Flop of the game: Jaquiski Tarrt (Safety, 49ers)

Tarrt is representative of the opportunities that the 49ers secondary has left. Tarrett dropped a secure interception in the final quarter, was also the next defender at the first Rams Touchdown. And otherwise he was not as effective as usual.

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Analysis: Rams vs. 49ers – the tactical panel

  • The Rams were defensively played mainly with two deep safetys, whereby Eric Weddle occasionally advanced into the box when it came to obvious run plays. The Rams also played most soft zones. If it came to Man Coverage, Garoppolo sought consistent matchup advantages such as Aiyuk against Williams.

  • The Niners responded to them – a few too many – runs in Early Downs, as well as numerous screens and short crossing routes.

  • The niners were always trying to put the ball in the hands of Samuel. Accordingly, he saw Snaps in the Backfield for Run Plays as well as some quick screens – one of them led to his spectacular touchdown in the first half.

  • The Niners, in turn, mostly set defensively on single-high-concepts and tried to defend Cooper’s dam with Safety help, which did not always work – see his touchdown in the first half. However, the niners also renounced excessively many flashes and pressure generated mainly via their bear-strong 4-men-rush.

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