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Currently a phenomenon called The Backrooms , so in German: the backrooms. It is a kind of horror history. Everything started with a 4chan post from 2019. An anonymous user asked to collect images of places that trigger the observer . Immediately at the first picture, it was a windowless office space with an unpleasant yellow carpet, a yellow wallpaper and fluorescent tubes as the only light source. Another user invented a story to the picture and increasing popularity more and more horror stories ** around The Backrooms.

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  1. 1Wor is the The Backrooms?
  2. 2 a never-ending nightmare
  3. Why is the backroom just so popular?
  4. 44-large short film is viral
  5. 5Whie does the future look from The Backrooms?

What’s the Backrooms?

All stories have certain similarities: they take place in an endless office labyrinth, which is characterized by the smell of wet carpet and a monochrome yellow wallpaper, paired with the humming noise hanging on the ceiling fluorescent tubes. However, after the story has evolved over time, more and more so-called levels were added, which deviated from the original design. However, when it comes to how many levels there is exactly, the authors are undoubtedly. However, the original concept is from three levels .

A never-ending nightmare

Most of the backroom scenarios starts with a poor soul by chance in this endless labyrinth to offices. There she is also persecuted by dog-like creatures . These creatures are described as disfigured and crowned, which is why they should be avoided at any price **.

In addition, the “Level 0”, as the original room is called, has a so-called “nooclip zone”. This term comes from video games and is used when actual massive objects, such as walls, are permeable to the player. If you find such a zone, intentionally or unintentionally in The-backrooms universe, you either fall back on the earth or lands in a new dimension with much worse creatures . If it succeeds in achieving the last level, an escape is possible.

Why is the backroom just so popular?

Already 20202 published a small indie studio The Backrooms Game . The game is available for free on Steam and playable for every1. The said game sends you through the first level, level 0 and let you experience the horror as close up, while you will be hunted by a creature through the back rooms, as shown in this walkthrough . In addition, many in the history see parallel to the well-known horror phenomenon slenderman or the video game Control.

Grand short film goes viral

The backroom is really popular but only with the short film The Backroom (Found Footage) , which appeared at the beginning of this year. The nearly 10-minute clip was created by a 16-year-old named Kane Parsons and has now over 15 million views on YouTube. In a video recording of a teenager from 1991, the viewer is taken on a trip to the nightmare offices. There he is almost chased by a shaped form by monotonous rooms.

Stunning is especially how well it has succeeded in reacting the backrooms almost faithful. The carpet, the wallpaper and the sum of the neon tubes make an incredibly scary scenario, which ensures that everything coincides in 1. But he also respected on other details like the nooclip z1. This uses a combination of live action recordings and 3D Blender renderings.

What is the future of The Backrooms?

The short film of Kane Parsons has come across very positive resonance, not only did he get praise among the Youtube users and fans of the universe, due to his original and extremely scary film. Many of his fans are also sustainably impressed by the still very adolescent age of the 16-year-old . If it goes to Parsons fans, they wish to implement history in feature film length .

Although Parsons himself has not expressed himself about his future plans , it does not look like it, as if it were finished. Meanwhile, he has expanded the original short film with more short clips to The Backrooms : The Third Test, First Contact and Missing Person. All three videos have already come well over a million views and who knows maybe a big studio at him attentive and we’ll see his work soon on the big screen.

The Backrooms (Found Footage)

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