The first step: alignment wants to grab the handset because of Zwayer

Dortmund’s Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke has offered referee Felix Zwayer indirectly to a conversation in Bälde. “We should have been talking for a long time,” said the BVB boss in the interview at “SKY”. The currently pausing Zwayer had recently spoken and opened by a preserved murder threat at the pay-TV transmitter, whether he returns or completely return to the Bundesliga.

Alignment - an overview of aligning in Studio 2014 SP1

“It has to fit everything”

Once again, Watzke explained why it has not yet come to a conversation yet: “What irritated us a bit at that time, or a bit mad was surprised, that he already has this dialogue we wanted to record is already over the media (Conversation with the “picture” newspaper; had already advised us. And I have something to be the old-fashioned feeling when something like this is, then you have to talk directly to each other. “

But “now, where that obviously has shown him a little deeper effect,” Watzke thinks, “that we now reach the handset now”. Exactly this step, the Zwayer has probably missed so far, according to its own statements, Borussia Dortmund would now go. “It has to fit everything, but I have no problem with the first step,” says Watzke.

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