Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection Test: Too Minimal Remasters, Keep Your Sundays for Horizon 2

While Nathan Drake’s career stopped peacefully in 2016, deciding to devote himself to his family life, the Uncharted series had a slight burst the following year with the episode The Lost Legacy. At the base developed to be a simple Solo DLC, this adventure with Chloé Frazer and Nadine Ross finally turned into a spin-off Alone more ambitious, thanks to its a little less designed structure via more open game areas. 2016 and 2017, it was as if it were yesterday, and already at the time, these two titles were already considered references in terms of visual rendering, knowing that they had come out on an aging hardware and quite limited. Naughty Dog masters his tools and The Last of Us Part 2 released 3 years later we proved it once again. Of course, when Sony Interactive Entertainment announced in September 2021 that the two games were going back to a remastered version on PS5, difficult not to stop them with the performance proposed with the PS5.

“Choose your destiny”

Like the latest productions PlayStation Studios, the compilation Uncharted Collection disembarks with its 3 proposals: the fidelity mode that allows to play in a resolution in native 4k, but with a frame-rate blocked at 30fps. In “Performance” mode, you can cheat down and enjoy a 4K upscalized display and benefit from the Sacro-Saint 60fps. And finally, the “performance more” mode offers happiness push the frame-rate to 120fps if you ever have a TV compatible with the 120Hz standard, which is obviously not given to everyone, the models still rare on the market. On the other hand, the resolution will be blocked at 1080p, which in 2022 begins to be limited limit. If we have not been able to test the “Plus Performance” mode, lack of compatible hardware, we do not hesitate to switch between “loyalty” and “performance” modes to try to know what is the one who is coming out the best. Very sincerely, unless it’s called PP Garcia and spend time testing the technical specificities of day-length televisions, difficult to see a big difference between the 4k native and that upscalée from a source in 1440P. It may be a little more visible when we arise to contemplate with details some panoramas, but in the heat of the action, we see only fire. That’s why we strongly advise you to choose the performance mode that offers a real value, that of offering a frame-rate of 60 frames per second. This is all the more true that the latter is really stable and pretty constant, have we just noticed some slight falls during big scenes of action, and again all that remains minimal.

What about the blow of proposed additions with the dualsense, supposed to immerse ourselves even more in the adventure? Here too, difficult to see a real purchasing argument so much has been rarely subjugated by the proposal. As much adaptive triggers manage to give better sensations during gunfights and moments of puzzles, as much the haptic returns are singularly of conviction. No doubt because the game has not been thought with these options at the base and these addicts do not seem to have been a priority in the development process. As for 3D audio, difficult also to make a notice stopped when you play with 5.1 hardware for a long time, and overall, since the arrival of this technical gimmick, we have never been really subjugated by the proposal. However, it must be recognized that by tilting on PS5, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection enjoys considerably reduced loading time, which avoids breaks between transitions and that, does not prevent, it’s a little more unpleasant.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review - The Final Verdict

In any case, difficult to be truly satisfied with this remill, which arrives far too early, and who has trouble giving a new breath to two games that were already artistically and technically very successful.

Remove fast

In any case, difficult to be truly satisfied with this remill, which arrives far too early, and who has trouble giving a new breath to two games that were already artistically and technically very successful. Even today, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy are jewelry to contemplate, which proves that Naughty Dog had a few years in advance for design production. The two games are always so splendar visually and it was not rare that we take the time again to stop playing to contemplate the smallest details in the sets, or in the animations of the characters. Just like Rockstar Games, the Naughty Dog studio is a follower of these little details that make the difference and it’s always as pleasant to look for six years later. So of course, if you do not have the opportunity yet to browse these two pop-corn action games, you can only advise you to opt for these remasters. On the other hand, if you already have the games on PS4, it is useless to upgrade, the differences being far too light to add 10 € requested by Jim Ryan, the Big Boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment. You are warned.

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