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Actually, the developers of New World wanted to offer new skins in the shop of the MMORPG on the occasion of the closer of Valentine’s Day players. The “corrupt love” pack contains special equipment skins with heart decoration, but also new furniture for the Housing. Too stupid that this offer was available just six hours in the game – because then the developers had removed it directly. But why that?

Shop skins cared for server crashes in New World

New World official Twitter profile has been announced that the “corrupt love” packs of “corrupt love” packs have been disabled because they have caused server crashes. The developers have been working on a solution since 9 February. Anyone who had already bought the skins in the short possible period of time can use them in the game. A few cool physical skins without bugs is exceeding the game: Great shirts with New World Design

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The community is understandably angry. “As a vulture, a skin can crash a server?” Asks about a user in the official subreddit of New World. Other obligations to him:

  • “The coding of this game is a work of art. Probably a picasso.”
  • “The game is like the Titanic, it just stops sinking”
  • “This game has become so fast a meme, it’s just sad.”

Speaking of: There are a few cool gift ideas for the day of love! These should not provide for server crashes. By the way, the corrupted love decor package with Housing Items is still available in the shop, the problem affects only the equipment skins of Valentine’s Day. So these furniture looks out, which remind a little at Alice in Wonderland: the Housing decorations of the “corrupt love” package in New World. Source: Amazon

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Player number of New World shrinks

Again and again it comes in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) to technical problems, be it duping possibilities in which players are unlawfully enriching or exploits that can be practically sworn in the PVP. The number of game numbers reflect that the Amazon MMORPG is no longer exercising the same at the launch day. After the largest simultaneous player number of over 900,000, last only 50,000 players were traveling at the same time in Aeternum. (Via SteamDB) Therefore, there are currently also other server compositions .

Do you still look to Aeternum? Or have you now opted for other games than New World? What are you still playing? Are you traveling in the new Action MMORPG LOST ARK, which we illuminated in the big test? Betrays us your current gaming favorites in the comments!

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