Players, attention, to you is now designed for your own nutty product name, though, in Scottish Kakan

Lots of products for players are always existing from chairs to flickering cables and handlers. But how would it be specifically designed for players?

This is the product of Jobbie Pong, which is the result of cooperation between the Malaysian Jobbie peanut butter manufacturer and the Zotac Gaming Malaysia manufacturer. Nut butter contains blueberries from which carotenoids receiving should help with eyes, as well as strawberries with antioxidants intended to improve cognitive functions. By eating the product, it should therefore be stared at the screen and the reflexes should be okay.

The name of the nut butter may not be for Scottish players, as Jobbie means a local slang. Pong turn means smell. Jobbie name comes from the first names of the foundation of the company, which are Joseph and Debbie. Pong, on the other hand, refers to Atar to develop a classic game.

Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang | Vanity Fair

For more information, you can get online films, for example, from the product’s home page that can be accessed from this link.

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