Budget 40 billion won, Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency Business Description

Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency (Condensing) (Condensing), will be held on the 15th, 2022, the Gyeonggi Provincial Society of Content Promotion Agency.

Gyeonggi Offers Economic Relief Incentive Through Local Currency

Business briefing agencies on the Kyungchang Official YouTube are about 40 billion won in 2022, and the economy is a place to announce the contents support project. This year business briefing session is the subject of ‘experience experienced together’, experiencing the future, preparing for the future. Take three parts to divide together.

The first part introduces the cultural technology industry team, future content team, and content industry team support projects. The Culture Technology Industry Team is a department that has been newly established by cultural technology, and is responsible for fostering advanced technology fusion ecosystems. Actual contents, AI (artificial intelligence), NFT (alternative intelligence), NFT (alternative foremost), etc. Culture technology business support, local linkage realized content demonstration, and realized content research and development.

Future Content Team is a department that supports the VR / AR / XR industry, which is expanded to the metaverse field this year, and newly promotes the Metropolitan Bus Academy and Metabus Conversion Support. In addition, the Future show 2022, which is capable of experiencing future technology, will be held in 2H.

The Content Industry Team supports existing content industry cultivation and overseas entry into music, publications, comics (webtoons). Indie Musci support projects such as India, and Gyeonggi-do Music Festival, etc., are committed to fostering IP through international web tuning, and competition.

The second part introduces the Games Digital Innovation Team, the Southern Party Center, and the Western Station Center business. The Games Digital Innovation Team has established a business that supports games using metabuses and content IP. In addition, we operate game talent and train the game audition, game academy, and play export consultation meeting.

The Southern Party Center is located in Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi Province and supports ICT Jung and Complex Contents. This year, the content and artificial intelligence (AI) fusion projects are newly promoted. In addition, we operate the Content Korea Lab, Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Creative, Nexad Investment Center.

The West Rights Center is located in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Province, and performs a business support project to support content, manufacturing, technology fusion and composite businesses. We operate a program for 40-year-old emissions support facilities and growth enterprise support.

The last part introduces the video industry team, the Games Culture Team, the Northern Room Station Center, and the Eastern Weaving Center. The video industry team supports movies and video fields, and with a variety of filmmaking and distribution support, with a step-by-step business for creativity of Gyeonggi Province.

The Games Culture Team performs a variety of game literacy projects such as Gyeonggi Family Game Healing Camp to create a game and a healthy game culture.

The Northern Rights Center, located in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, supports the production and creation of maker, design, content, and creation and establishment. The newly established center of this year is planning to support contents start-ups specialized in the eastern region of Gyeonggi Province.

“The current content industry is becoming active,” The current content industry is active and the production of new content using the artificial intelligence and the block chain NFT (alternative to the NFT). “In 2022, We will present the possibility of future through a new content experience that grafted the content industry and advanced technology. “

Individuals and businesses that are interested in business descriptions are available on the 15th, from 2 pm, and the data is provided on the Kyoconjin official website on 15 days.

Meanwhile, last year, Kyung-jin has achieved sales of 7,600 billion won, 402 jobs, and 2,715 jobs, and 2,715 jobs, sales of 760 billion won, establishment.

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