Netflix will produce a film bmovie Bioshocked on the Universe of Bioshock

Netflix hmovie Bioshock confirmed the development of a film bmovie Bioshocked on the Universe Bioshock . The adaptation of the video game to the big screen hmovie Bioshock been the result of a long negotiation between the platform and Take Two Interactive. Both have worked to close the image rights for about a year.

“Netflix, 2K and Take-Two Interactive collaborate to produce an adaptation movie Bioshock a popular videogame franchise movie Bioshock,” explains Netflix on its official Twitter account. The medium The Hollywood Reporter points out that at this moment does not have a director or screenwriter, so it seems that it goes for long.

Cloud Chamber is still working on the next BIOSHOCK

During the announcement, 2K Games took the opportunity to appeal to the job offers available in the study in charge of the development of Next Bioshock. “The incredible people at Cloud Chamber are developing Bioshock’s next delivery and his team is growing! Would you be so kind movie Bioshock to look at the available positions? “They comment.

Few details are known about what would be the fourth game of the saga. With Ken Levine outside the project, we know that the project is under development since 2015. It will be developed bmovie Bioshocked on the new generation consoles with the engine Unreal Engine 4 ; With the launch of the top version, it hmovie Bioshock not transcended at this time if the team hmovie Bioshock decided to take the jump. Of course, we will have to wait enough time to see it in motion.

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“We are working on the next Bioshock. Our pmovie Bioshocksion and love about this iconic franchise is what hmovie Bioshock brought us here, “reveals the team in one of the offers of employment . “Emotion and responsibility to create the next delivery of such a dear franchise is what keeps us on the road.”

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