“River City Girls Zero” Overseas Switch Version Delivery Launched “River City Girls Zero” Japanese voice also recorded

Developer Wayforward is a Belt scroll action game released on the Super NES in 1994, the current generation of the current generation of “ RIVER CITY GIRLS ZERO ” of the new generation of the new heat hemorrhoids “ RIVER CITY GIRLS ZERO “, for overseas Delivered.

In this work, it will be a boy hospital for innocent sin, and the decoration will be jailbreaked to stop the true offender, and the failure, runaway, and the result will expand a serious story that fights against Yakuzas. The transplantation version is localized for the first Europe and the United States, and the opening and ending motion comics, animation intro, new music, etc. are added according to the “River City Girls” series style.

“River City Girls Zero” is delivered at $ 14.99. PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC version will be delivered in spring 2022. In addition, this work is compatible with Japanese, and it is included that Voice of Moro Sumire (Kyousco) and Kuroki Kuro (Misako) who participate in “River City Girls 2” are recorded It is.

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