CJ and Barney arrive at God of War with a mod

Each time a game reaches PC, modders are started. Despite the passage of time, the classics never forget. We are talking about CJ, protagonist of GTA: San Andreas, and Goku de Dragon Ball. Although at the moment there is no trace of Kakaroto in _ God of War _, A fan already made the respective work with CJ.

Recently, the user known as Omega Fantasy, published a video that shows us to JC replacing Kratos in the fight against Baldur at the beginning of the game . Along with this, Atreus, the son of the Greek god, leaves aside the human aspect of him, and becomes Barney, the dinosaur of the child series.

God of War CJ Mod
This mod became so popular, that Mark RC, a popular artist on Twitter, recreated the iconic cover of God of War, but with CJ and Barney. Along with this, Cory Barlog has joined this joke, since he has used RC’s work for the cover of him on Twitter’s profile.

On related topics, a MOD causes Atrus a playable character. Similarly, PlayStation reiterates that God of War Ragnarok will come out this year.

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