Craftone, Battle Ground 16.1 Update Progress

Craftone (representative Kim Chang-ha) has conducted a 16.1 live server update of the Battleground (Pubg: BattleGrounds, Battleground).

In this update, the overall balance adjustment of some firearms was made to allow players to use more weapons of more weapons. M416 and MK12 using 5.56mm shot increased by 1, and the damage decreased by the Damage and the damage was increased from 50m to 60m and 75m to 90 meters, respectively. Especially, MK12, which was able to meet only on some maps, is expected to be used as a full-scale firearm on all maps of the battle ground through this update.

The new rotation for the smooth play experience of players is also applied to the map. General Men, ▲ Erangel, ▲ Mirror, ▲ Snoch, ▲ Karakin, ▲, and are open, ▲ Erangel, ▲ Mirra, ▲, ▲. Among them, it gave a new change, such as adding a position to the pottery, adding a position to the potentially spawn in the map.

In addition to this, the mummy mini-map color adjustment, ▲ The list of ‘recent players’ in the list of friends, ▲ Match report summary tabs, ▲ Match Report Summary tabs have been made, In the worldmap, the direction of the drone icon is upside down, ▲ The stunned friend could be a multiple business, ▲, ▲ and the map related bug, ▲ clipping bug, etc.

Patch Report #16.1 - Weapon Balance updates, Karakin back | PUBG
It is also given the compensation of Season 15 at the same time as the start of the season 16. Depending on the final season rank, the compensation list, such as emblems, nameplate, etc., and the player who recorded the gold tier, is given to the player who is permanent, a permanent, a permanent. Other compensation can be owned only during the next competition, and when the server check begins with the end of the season, it is automatically recovered.

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