LOL: The fashion of Riot Games minireworks explained by one of its main developers

The word rework has been cast on almost all patches of League of Legends over the past few months. Lucian, Amumu, Janna or Ahri have been some of the champions elected by Riot Games to be part of a large update process. A pending debt that the developer had to be saved. However, the ultimate goal of this type of change is not the fact that many players have taken for granted. It is clear that there is an intention to renew everything, but Riot Games aims to make funniest characters.

One of the most comfortable points in which a champion can be for the balance team is the end. If a character is broken and earned too many games there are not many problems because it can be reduced by the power of it obviously. The opposite occurs when a hero is too weak. However, there are other data in addition to the winrate that complicate things. There are heroes who receive infinity of bathing despite not being too powerful and others that nobody chooses even though the sufficient games wins. What happens then?

The fashion of the reworks in League of Legends

This space is the most complicated for the developers of League of Legends since they have to balance the game around the sensations of the users. “When a champion is around 50% of victories and we have to make changes, it is more like a development meeting. We talk about your design, what you need improvements or what does the player do not feel everything right even when he has a decent winrate. Things like that. “, I explained Riot August .


The case of AHRI is one of the most interesting. As Riot August pointed out: “_The designer had the idea that he was a powerful character and earned many games, but he did not do anything brilliant. She worked well, but that was not necessarily a reason to choose it over any other champion. She was good at all without feeling powerful at all. Recent changes were in the idea of ​​reinforcing her personality. It was something like ‘eh Ahri is a magician magician, so let’s make him win games with the jumps of him’… something like that. “

Attending to the words of Riot August and the institutional statements of the developer , the objective of these updates is to move power to increase the fun . Ahri was a good champion because she was very safe and that is one of the factors with which it is easier to win games in League of Legends. However, there was an infinity of characters capable of getting the same results of funniest ways. At this point it is difficult to convert mobility into a unique feature, but a hero capable of jumping five times in a fight will always be entertaining.

It’s risk mechanics reward for it forces to make decisions and allows those great moments in which the champion does tremendously satisfactory things thanks to that she allows us to express ourselves as players. Even in cases where the result is an increase in involuntary power, there are no too many problems about it since there is a new framework of action. The victory rate is no longer the only argument to choose the champion, which allows ‘normalize it’ maintaining a good part of the popularity that she has won. In the case of Ahri, she multiplied by four of her the percentage of choice her.

This same scenario also applies in reverse. The first symptom that the community perceives a hero as unfair or abusive is its rate of bathing . Any player can think of that character that he sees systematically from him not because he is strong, if not because of the laziness he assumes to deal with him. In my case, I do not want to play against Yone because the minimum failure supposes being sold against all the mobility of him; But these situations apply to Zed, Yuumi, Lulu or the champion that Choose as the most hated.

August was the person responsible for Viego , a champion that everyone considered unfair, and thus explained their changes: “_Su most recent patch was like… ‘Well, a lot of people think it’s unfair… Why not We do that, if you use your tank constructions and want to survive, I peeked and be cured even less? ‘So we said to the community that if they were going for that building will not end up with you so fast nor will it cure so much. With this we were doing to play against him feel easier and easier. If he goes for his construction of critic, he can do more damage. He is assuming much more risk to do it. ”

With this adjustment, which took place on patch 11.17, Riot Games managed to be reduced by 25% along the next two versions. Six months later the character is still chosen by a similar number of players who can now enjoy their champion in nine out of ten games. Even its victory rate with the most risky object construction and centered on the critic It keeps intact, so that its performance has only been reduced because the League of Legends community has stagnated in the divine heartractor as a favorite choice for his mythical.

Remove a bit from here and put a little there is one of the equilibrium methods that generates the most questions in the community. Sometimes it happens a bit like when we share the last glass of cocacola with our brother and we are not always able to balance it, but well carried out is the most effective tool of the developers of League of Legends . A method that keeps the game fresh while giving new opportunities. In summary accounts, it does everything more just, but above all much more fun.

Data via Lolalytics.

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