Super-priced Full-scale 3D Action RPG “Panistic: Gray Raven” [Surface Fire Bulk] Update Conducted New S Class Structure “Chrome, Glory” Appeared Eden Culture Festival Panigurre General Election Held

Online Entertainment Company HK Hero Entertainmentco., LTD (Headquartered Hong Kong, HK Hero Entertainment), GUANGZHOU KURO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Head office: Guangzhou, KURO GAME) Developed by Smartphone: Panistic: Gray Levin (IOS version, Android version), February 18, 2012 (Fri), was notified to carry out a large update to “Site Bulker” (Ver. 2.2).

Online Entertainment Company HK Hero Entertainmentco., LTD (Headquartered Hong Kong, HK Hero Entertainment), GUANGZHOU KURO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Head office: Guangzhou, KURO GAME) Developed by Smartphone: Panistic: We will inform you of the “February 18, the iOS version, Android version” (February 18, 2002) to carry out a large update to “Fire Bare Bare” (Ver. 2.2).

# Hon Hen Open New Year’s Surgery Book! Disconnect the past 軛 and grab the future stars

Maintenance accompanying updates, we will implement the main story “sight of sight of sight”, new characters, and other related content.

In addition, the Youtube official channel is currently publishing a new chapter PV. Please see the story of the chrome that you want to advance before, as no difficulty is waiting.

Update Description Overview

■ New S-class structure “Chrome, glory” appeared!
The new aircraft “Chrome, glory” of the Strike Hawk Corps Captain is implemented as a S-class structure! In addition, new star 6 weapons are also implemented.

【Chrome · glory】
CV: Daisuke Hirano
Type: Structure
Model: Armor type
Initial class: S
Attribute Parameters: Ice 80% Physics 20%

A specialized aircraft of a specialized garden medium-term military structure development plan. This unit has various performance adjustments and optimizations in response to the requirements of the chromium.

«How to get»
Development room “Theme Limited”, “Theme Limited SP” can be ejected. The following period will hold a pickup event where the appearance rate of “Chrome, glory” is 100% at the time of S-class structural emissions.

Pickup period: February 19, 2022 (Sat) 10:00 to March 25, 2022 (Fri) 4:59

【New Star 6 Weapons】
Apollo (“Chrome, glory” recommended weapon)

«How to get»
1. “Basic weapon development” -February 18, 2022 (Fri) (Fri) can be discharged after completion of maintenance.
2. “Weapon designation development” -February 19, 2012 (Saturday) can be discharged from 10:00.

■ New painted stock!
With the implementation of “Chrome, glory”, implemented special paint and weapon painting! In addition, exclusive coating and weapon painting of another structure are also added.

※ We can obtain how to obtain for each painting. Please refer to the notification of the official site for details.
※ Some paint will be a limited time. Please note that it can not be obtained in the permanent store after the period ends.

【Painting lineup】
Chrome · glory SP painting “Glory formal”
Karenina, burning painting “pure white lover”
Lee · Heterogeneous paint “after school of the wind” (resale)

Gamblade (Chrome · Glory Only) Weapon Painting “Glory of Lion”
Cannon gun (for Karenina only) Weapon painting “The palm of the palm of the hand”

«How to get»
1 Store> Painting Store> Money Store & Design Diagram Sold in Store
2 Buy> Buy> Supply Pack Sold by Pack

# Maintaining New Year’s Episystem “Towing to Songing Bulk” and Related Content

This book newly publishes “Songing Bulk” and implement new content. Some content and item rewards will be for a limited time, so please experience and get this opportunity.

Event holding period: February 18, 2022 (Fri) After completion of maintenance-March 25, 2012 (Fri) 5:00

※ The holding period and participation conditions differ depending on the content. For more information, please refer to the announcement of the game or official site.

1. 1. Book Chapter 14, “Towing to Songing Bulk”

Implement the sequel of the main story story. The event period can experience Chapter 14, even if you have not cleared up to Chapter 13.

2. New character trial stage “one that opens up”

It is an experience stage where you can try new characters “Chrome, glory”. You can get a reward with the stage clear.

3. Event item acquisition stage “resonance observation” & dedicated store “spectrum analysis center”

Clearing the stage can earn an event item “frequency pseudograph”. If each stage can be cleared and acquired separately, up to a certain number can be obtained (buffing effect is valid only in the “resonance observation” stage).

In addition, “frequency pseudograph” can be exchanged with items such as existing stars 6 consciousness, training material, trusted gift, etc. by collecting a fixed number of constitutes.

# # # 4. Combat simulation “Mike Neki consultation, no clear”

A new series of “Mike Ne” will appear!

Challenge the stage using a fixed member. You can strengthen the members in the “small squadron” that can be acquired and collected at the stage clear, and can be fostered to the platoon that was in your own combat style. If you clear the stage, you can earn development materials and collection items.

# # 5. Cultural Festival Reproduction Event “Eden Culture Festival”

It is an event that reproduces the school event “Cultural Festival”. During the Culture Festival, there are 24 characters, a tournament-type election “Panigre general election”, and the user vote determines the popular No. 1 character. Voting a voting ticket that can be acquired in the Combat Stage and Mission in the Eden Cultural Festival can earn a gacha item “Happ Ppy”. “Hap PPY” can be used in “Resting Spots” to draw a gacha.

【Event Gacha “Resting Spot” Earning Item Example]
· Float gun (Leaf only) Weapon painting “Harukoko”
· Limited furniture “Starry sky dream” 5 points set
· Cultural festival painting selection pack (out of 16 paintings can be selected by selecting any kind of painting)
· Painting design diagram, special structure development ticket, basic structure development ticket, development material, etc.

For more information on implementation content other than the above, please refer to the announcement of the game or official site.

# Add permanent content

Division for the Retain Special Measurement Room “Specification Specification” Implementation

A new gacha system is implemented that emits a variety of supporting unit “accessories” that performs various support during battle. Each of the S-class accessories will be discharged every 10 A class accessories and every 20 developments every 10 developments.

February 18, 2022 (Thu) The accessory that will be discharged after completion of maintenance is as follows.

S-class accessory: “Tiny”
A Class Association: “Kuadra”, “Bottter”

In addition, the following period holds a pickup event where the appearance rate of “Tiny” is 100% at the time of S-class accessory emissions.

Pickup period: February 19, 2022 (Sat) 10:00 to March 25, 2022 (Fri) 4:59

※ It is a trademark or registered trademark of each company for the company name and service name described.

# Title Overview

Title: “Panistic: Gray Raven” Genre: 3D Action RPG RPG-enabled Terminal: Android / iOS Price: Basic Play Free (Some app charges) Operation: HK Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd Delivery date: December 20, 2020. day official website: https: // official Twitter account: https: // official YouTube channel: https: // © GUANGZHOU KURO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. All rights reserved. © HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited. All rights reserved.

# HK Hero Entertainment Introduction

HK Hero Entertainment is a Hong Kong corporation of Hero Entertainment Co., LTD (here, Hero Entertainment), Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd., Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2015, Hero Entertainment has been developing and publishing for smartphones and developing businesses in China and around the world, including We listed on Exchange and Quotations, commonly known as Neeq). In addition, we will develop businesses that were examined in view of overseas expander than in the establishment, and start “Art of War: Red Tides” selected as “Recommended apps” in 154 countries and region, “CRISISION”, “PHANTOM” Blade2 “,” Ichigo Adventure “is distributed worldwide, and we have won more than 400 million users.

In August 2018, we will start delivery of a training type strategy simulation game application “Shin Sangoku” developed based on the supervision of Games, Corporation, Inc. 5th place, Google Play Download Ranking ranked 3rd place, I am very well received by the “Recommended game” of Google Play.

Hero Entertainment has established a local subsidiary in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan except China’s continents, and under the management philosophy of “Unlock Your Vision and Mind”, we will continue to deliver high quality online content for customers worldwide. We will actively promote overseas publishing businesses.

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