Finally a good new RTS again? Try demo for free

Recently, the German Indie team of Feneq with Rogue Commander has introduced a new real-time strategy game , which not only sets classical elements of the RTS genres , but Also Rogue Like and Deckbuilding Features will offer. The core remains the same: players build a base, collect resources and contact their robot army against the enemy.

Demo to Rogue Commander is now available

If you want to take a look at the RTS project of Feneq, you can now download a free demo from Rogue Commander from Steam. This will give you five levels of the title. In addition, the developers provide a fixed card record with different hacks and upgrades. The game is also part of the Steam Next , between the 21. and 28 February 2022 will take place.

Developer Livestream in the next week

For the 23. February 2022 Plan the creators of Feneq also a livestream , where you will reveal more details about Rogue Commander and the current demo. The start of the transmission is set for 3 o’clock . Incidentally, the development team consists only two persons \ – Martin Imhof takes care of the Game Design and Martin Reichard is involved as Coder to Rogue Commander.

When will Rogue Commander appear for the PC?

According to current information, the early access phase from Rogue Commander im third quarter 2022 will go to the start. Over 100 different cards with buildings for your base are planned. In addition, the RTS title will be over 20 procedures generated landscape types and more than 25 different enemies that you have to fight with your army.

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