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The Swiss cloud storage provider PCLOUD has been offering Lifetime memory plans with 500 GB and 2 TBYTE for quite some time, which only need to be paid once and then lifelong. Users can rely on high security standards of the server locations and data protection, which is directed after the Swiss legislation. It is also highly written to PCLoud usability: users have access to a search function and can easily filter data. For free offers, data after deletion will stay 15 days in the trash, with Lifetime offers 30 days. With the paid Add-on Extended File History, it is even up to 365 days! In addition, PCLOUD offers the ability to use multiple devices at the same time to use the cloud memory. You can always access all your files from any (supported) device at any time.

For PC Games Readers: Secure 2 TB Cloud Storage now for once 350 euros!

Currently, PCLOUD has an exceptionally attractive offer for you: For the two individual Lifetime cloud storage option, there are a grandiose discount of 75% up to and including 15. Feburar. At Premium Lifetime Plan with 2 TB , for which 980 euros are due, the price is due to the currently valid 75% rebate with only 350 Euro!

Just as attractive is the offer for the Premium Lifetime plan with 500 GB , which costs regular 500 euros. With the 75 percent discount, the price for a short time is only 175 euros.

For PC Games Readers: Secure 500 GB Cloud Storage now for once 175 euros!

If you want to convince yourself of the quality of the PCLoud offer, we also have a free service offering for that. Who registers via the link below, get the opportunity to use the above 500 GB Premium offer for 30 days for free.

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For PC Games Reader: Try 500 GB Cloud Storage for 30 days for free!

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