How to cultivate the carbides in warframe

Carbides are a resource in warframe you need to rebuild your railjack. After building your dry dock, then searched for and built Cephalon CY, you will then search for the railjack items. Unfortunately, the pieces were thrown for a long time and must be repaired.

Warframe Carbides | How to Farm Carbides in Warframe

To repair your railjack propulsion system, you will need sixty carbides. Eximus units will drop the carbides on the set of Ice Planet slabs on Europa. Eximus units are the rare and powerful spawn that will have a capacity similar to that of Warframes. They can make other more powerful units, generate the shields or the shots, and their health and damage are improved compared to conventional enemies.

A great mission to play is the defense of the black sector on the larzec node. As you enter the last rotations, the appearances of Eximus will become more and more common. If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and that they have the nodes on Europa, it can also be wise to lead the missions on them because the eximus units will be a little more common in these missions. Remember that the Liche can take you the resources if it controls a node, including your carbides.

Carbides will also be affected by the resource booster that doubles your resource collections, but we do not know if the drops are affected by Warframes or Smeeta Kavata for the moment. All eximus units, however, seem to fall between five and ten carbides at the time of their death.

Now that you know where to find carbide, you should be able to cultivate it very quickly and have this railjack repair in no time.

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