Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft presents La Season 1 full of news and a new agent

As it happens every year. Ubisoft has just presented the Season 1 of Year 7 by Rainbow Six Siege under the name of “Demon Veil” . This season will be starred above all due to aspects inspired by the Japanese Culture ** with the Dragon “Ryu” that we have been able to see through different audiovisual works. Following this inspiration, we will see the arrival of an agent that will give a lot of what to talk about, a totally new map and the arrival of many modes very dear to the community.

Azami and the kunais of him will be the protagonists of demon veil

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil Reveal | Ubisoft [NA]
AZAMI will be next agent that will arrive at Rainbow Six Siege with a particularly interesting particularity and that could give a lot of game in the qualifying and professional items. This enigmatic defender reaches the game equipped with kiba barriers, some Kunai-shaped throwing deposits that release a material that expands and solidifies, providing fast coverage with an antibral surface. Only the explosive elements can burst this wall created from nothing, so it will be of great help to reinforce even more partly besieged recesses by the attackers.

AZAMI is a Action Agent and Media Shielding , with an equipment that includes 9x19SVN or ACS12 as main weapons to be lethal in average and long distances, and the D-50 as a secondary weapon to be able to arrange The nearest enemies. But this will not be the only thing that will come, since we can finally visit a new map.

New map and new opportunities for the attacker

Emerald meadows will be new map that will come after three years without having seen a single novelty, only remodeling of others that we have already seen too many times. Located in an unknown place in Ireland, this modern cottage club will be able to challenge players less regular to master a new environment and their multiple levels in which each of them is a particularity and power.

In addition to the arrival of a new agent and a new map, we can see numerous changes in the attackers . Now there will be an option that allows you to change agent and equipment during the preparation phase; This update will basically seek to increase the importance of this phase, since it will give us the possibility to use the information obtained and rethink the strategy according to the previous rounds. These changes will be available in all game modes in the rapid start lists, not equal, matched and Pro League.

To all this will be added a Duel mode to death by teams that will serve as “training” to improve our aim, as well as the arrival of repetitions to platforms out of PC such as PlayStation and Xbox There will also be balance adjustments for Goyo and Valkyrie, and a new exclusive elite Skin for Nomad. Finally, mention that a new incentive system will be added through the R6FIX.

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