Kylian Mbappe: Where he can decide

“He’s an aliens,” PSG-Goalbart Gianluigi Donnarumma said about his teammate. “And yes, again he,” titles “L’Equipe” on Wednesday. The parallels are also obvious. On Friday, Kylian Mbappé swelled the ball in the 93rd minute to the 1-0 winor in the long corner and decided to the top game of Ligue 1, four days later he did the same again. In the second round of the Champions League, against Real Madrid. In the 94th minute.

PSG and the late victorator, it is an almost uncanny love relationship this season. For the fourth time, the capital club won through a gate in the nighttime time, for the sixth time through a gate after the 86th minute. But the headlines after the end of the game, of course, belonged to the one they had heard before the start of the game.

“Then I am Mr. my actions”: Mbappé explains Siegtor

“Of course, all looked at me, maybe more than usual,” famous MBappé in the “L’Equipe” interview after final whistle. Quite apart from his transactions, the Parisian hopes were also on the 23-year-old, since the two more thirds of the MNM trio are not or not yet in top condition.

“That’s the lot of the big attacker, the advantage of being a striker. You can be decisive at any time,” Mbappé commented his late winner. “I had the advantage of fast in the penalty area,” he explained. “Then I’m Mr. My action. She (Die defender) were in reverse and I knew what to do.”

We have almost no relationship more about Real Madrid.

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PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi

The decision-making, which the world champion of 2018 showed in a second particle part, seems not to be given in a long-term topic. “I have not decided yet,” he said at “Canal +” to his future. “I am players from PSG and I’m very satisfied.”

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi had already shown fighting in the personnel before kick-off – and its impact on the relationship with the eighthlist opponent emphasizes: “I’m honest, we have almost no relation to Real Madrid.”

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