Call of Duty Vanguard, returns the old battlefield


The Second World War, a scenario that you always end up returning before or later. Call of duty is usually the saga by antonomasia responsible for teleporting to the most famous military conflict in history. _ CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD _ is the last call to rows of Activision and SledgeHammer Games. We go back to put on the boots and we grease our old rifle to check if it is really worth it.

Battle of Bougainville - Pacific Front - Call of Duty Vanguard 4k
The campaign of this delivery has been one of the aspects that has most surprised many. History brings together a group of soldiers with a different past destined to combat Nazi threat. Through flashbacks we know the story of each of them. The kinematics and the script bet on a cinematographic style, intermingling the history of the characters with famous conflict events, such as the Battle of Midway or the defense of Stalingrad.

In this way, we attend a great graphic deployment, frantic shootings and moments of a bad war-action movie. Likewise, they obtain more prominence the arrogant personality of the protagonists and the interest to highlight inclusive characters (based on that, in real heroes) before the historical rigor of the conflict. This decision is not entirely unfair. The way to approach the history of a videogame can be broad, as well as personal tastes. However, at some time about the script, specifically in certain dialogues and characters, it feels forced.


In playable terms, _ call of duty voguard _ does not stand out too much. The moments of action are composed of simple shootings where Ia almost never manages to test. The behavior of enemy soldiers is very basic, do not act in a combination or try to flank ourselves. In stealth situations, they just offer a minimum challenge, they are almost always on their backs to facilitate the task. On the other hand, at some moments the usual predefined sequences are introduced where we must fulfill a specific task without too many complications. Even, a spectacular area phase, is excessively guided. To the point of just having to look for and point to the rivals, they simply put on shot.

Likewise, introduces some new mechanics but are superficial. The characters have different types of skills within the battlefield, for example give contextual orders to other soldiers, climb walls or detect enemies. We can also register the bodies to collect ammunition. However, these options do not get remarkable relevance to convert vanguard into a reference within the saga.

On the other hand, weapons show a very correct finish but still without transmitting sensations. In this sense, hardly plasman differences within the different categories (pistols, rifles, subfusters or heavy machine guns). Certainly, this detail has been a constant in Call of Duty. The sound of them is not convincing and the cadence is not well represented in most models.

a forgotten campaign

The campaign can be overcome in just seven hours. The plot is quite loose, full of topics and the story of each protagonist does not end up hooking. Possibly, it influences the fact of jumping from one character to another without deepening too much in any of them. In the end, the most curious aspect is the appearance of dominic monaghan, (Merry, in the Lord of the Rings) as the German officer of the SS Jannick Richter.

However, it highlights the design of scenarios and the variety of environments. The different battle fronts of World War II result the ideal excuse to show a great graphic deployment with some really beautiful images. At the same time, the soundtrack is possibly one of the best I have been able to hear in the saga.

Undoubtedly, that story story of the first deliveries where real images and videos appeared before each mission have been left behind. Possibly they were not so striking but they managed to immerse yourself much more in the actual facts of all those battles. We attended small kinds of history and real warlike knowledge instead of cinematic with Hollywood actors. World at War, 2008, is possibly one of the best deliveries in that aspect. He was also the one who first introduced the Nazi zombies.

Multiplayer and Zombies Nazis

This section is where the expectations of the most popular feature of Call of Duty will be filled. The multiplayer is loaded with options and content from its launch. Consequently, we find 20 maps and new modes as king of the hill and patrol. In general, follow the line marked by deliveries such as World at War and modern Warfare.

The gameplay has novel aspects, such as the possibility of destroying certain elements of the scenario, without reaching the scale of the battlefield. On the other hand, personalization includes advantages and weapons that we can modify with various options only for aesthetic purposes.

Zombie mode also introduces some news. Instead of betting again on a map we are opening little by little, portals have been introduced to teleport to other areas. In each of the portals we must meet a specific objective. This modality has a more esoteric atmosphere and on this occasion zombies have a life bar and punctuation system. This last feature subtracts tension when facing the undead.

_ CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD _ is far from considering one of the best games based on World War II. Similarly, it does not get to highlight as shooter in the first person. The most alarming aspect is possibly your ISA, with too much basic behavior patterns.

The variety of situations and graphic spectacularity act as a visual claim, in contrast to the encrypted scenes, a uninteresting narrative and a scarce campaign in duration. Currently, aspects such as narrative are overvalued and other sections are overgoing. In short, the complete multiplayer modality, which will delight the more fanatical followers of the saga, ends up raising as the best excuse to give an opportunity to vanguard.

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