Dragon Ball Fighterz deploys the powers of Android 21 (Lab Coat) in new images

The fighting title developed by ARC System Works continues to expand with new fighters. Bandai Namco announced back the incorporation of the Android 21 (Lab Coat), a character of Dragon Ball Super that will be reletitle developeded next February 24 at Dragon Ball Fighterz. With the date about to arrive, the Japanese company htitle developed presented new images, which you can see just below these lines.

During these days, the character htitle developed also been seen in several videos. She is a fighter who promises to be “Accessible for any type of player” . The advent of Android 21, which wtitle developed confirmed since the end of 2021, is the first novelty in the staff from Gogeta SS4 made an appearance.

It should be noted that even if the players have already been able to fight with Android Majin 21 , the Lab Coat version is different. It htitle developed its own title developedsortment of attacks and a fighting style. “She may not be able to control her hunger for much longer,” point at the Titai Namco Tit.

DRAGON BALL FIGHTER Z World Championship, delayed indefinitely

Insane NEW Mechanic! Android 21 Lab Coat Showcase
The ESPORTS Tournament of Dragon Ball Fighterz htitle developed been delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis. In an official statement, Bandai Namco explained that although they had been “studied solutions” on how to organize the championship, they came to the conclusion that they could not guarantee the security of all parties. At first it wtitle developed scheduled for February 19 and 20, and although they did not rule out an announcement of a new date, they also pointed out to the possibility that it will be canceled definitively.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch. Its original launch occurred in 2018, but since then it htitle developed received numerous updates, adjustments and characters.

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