Long-awaited update! “Halo Infinite” Improvement Elements Many patches aim to be implemented on February 24

The 343 Industries developed “ HALO INFINITE announces improvement on QOL in the middle of the season, and announces improvement on QOL in campaign mode and introducing large patches including multiple elements such as anticheet improvements. Did. Posts in the forum, which is the source, is at the 19th day of posted, at the certification phase for February 24th release.

Halo Infinite ” is an FPS released on December 8, 2021 for Xbox Series X / S / Xbox ONE / Windows 10/11, and operates a character called Master Chief and fight with aliens It is the latest work of the “ HALO ” series. A series of works are highly popular in foreign countries, and Master Chief, a hero, is also the voice that is comparable to famous characters such as Mario and Sonic in its popularity, and there are many exposure as an Xbox mascot character. There are many people who have seen it once from things? While attracting attention in this way, it is a work that has attracted attention from various directions that the trailer originally announced was a lot of unpopularities in the graphic surface.

According to the report of Overseas Media PCGamesn, John Junyszek, who serves as a senior community manager, through posts in the game’s forum, it is revealed that it will resolve problems in cancellation and reintroduction of quick resumes by patching. Is.

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Also, in the article on January 11 of PCGamesn, I was a 343 Industries community director, and in mind that the wall hack and Aimbot have increased in multiplayer mode after released According to the improvement of the antichitate that has been announced, accordingly, after multiple improvements were introduced to the current antichitate, the development team will introduce software for further cheat prevention, Suggested to reduce suspicious kills in a short period of time.

In addition, as an improvement of “Halo Infinite” itself, improvements on multiple networks such as cyclic and latency are also made, and “Rubber band phenomenon in debris of vehicles and vehicles” that John Junyszek says Improved for “improvement” and “new measurement methods that collect data focused on corner waiting” will be introduced. In connection with this network fix, John Junyszek introduces the pages written by Richard Watson, which is a Send Box Engineer.

Besides, this update does not affect the frame rate, and generally modified such as stability and performance improvement in both PC and console, and it is an update that makes it easier to play There is no doubt.

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